rake and shake curly hair

The Rake and Shake Styling Technique

There are many styling techniques to achieve beautiful curls but one of my favorites is the Rake and Shake Method created by curly stylist, Ouidad. It’s the best method I’ve found that keeps your natural curl pattern in tact and hydrated, with very minimal frizz.

The key to doing this styling technique with no frizz is moisture, so you’ll want to do this on clean, wet hair and spray the hair with water regularly to make sure it doesn’t dry while you’re styling. Then apply a water-based leave-in conditioner throughout the hair and divide it into sections.

The Rake

Once you have sectioned your hair off, rub some light styling product between your fingers and take one small section of hair, running your fingers through the hair like a rake.

The Shake

Once you’ve evenly distributed the styling product, rake your fingers through the section one last time.  This time, smooth the hair through your fingers and when you reach the end, hold onto the ends and shake them back and forth. This ensures that your curls will be released in their natural pattern.

What you’ll need

products and tools for the rake and shake method

Watch my video tutorial


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