TIGI helped us get sexy, sleek curls! Are you here for it?

Got frizz?

No problem - We want frizz! Why? Because voluminous, worn-in curls are the revamped 80s rage of 2017! Professional TIGI stylist Phillip Downing and the Bed Head by TIGI products gives curlies the voluminous look they want with stylers that are exclusive to SHOP NaturallyCurly.


Starting with wet hair, you will need the following TIGI powerhouses to get the look modeled in the infographic:

Pro Tip by TIGI Stylist Philip Downing: Diffuse hair from bottom 75% of the way on low speed, finish last 25% with high speed and high heat.

Make those curls the center of attention with these TIGI salon exclusives now!

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As ever, stay curly!

This post is sponsored by TIGI.


Hi! I'm Gerilyn. I research and test textured and curly hair products. Then, I write about my experience. When my head is out of the natural hair cloud, I write and record music, sing lead for @SugarPillATX, and volunteer for Meals On Wheels of Central Texas. Fun fact: I am obsessed with Sennheiser microphones, black cats, and multi-colored box braids.

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