NaturallyCurly video blogger Evelyn uses Afroveda Pur Whipped Gelly to shingle her hair.

Vlogger Evelyn shows you how to shingle your hair.

What exactly is "shingling?" Basically, it's a method of applying product to coily hair in layers, starting from the bottom and working your way up...much like you would apply shingles to your roof. It's a great technique to give your coils definition and love.

What she uses:

  • Spray Bottle
  • AfroVeda Pur Whipped Gelly 
  • Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper 

How to Shingle:

1. Wash, condition, and detangle your hair. Separate your hair into twists

2.  Spray your hair to get it damp

3. Undo the twists, and smooth curly hair solution over that section.

4. Rake the whipped gelly through the same section.

5. Repeat through the rest of your hair