Woman wearina jacket and hoop earrings with curly puff

Photo courtesy of : @curlsfothegirls

Maintaining and styling natural hair isn't easy, so when you find a styling routine that works, most naturals like to stick to it. While there is certainly nothing wrong with knowing what style suits you and your lifestyle bets, it is important to know if your favorite style could be causing damage to your curls. If your go-to hairstyle is the puff, there are a few things you may want to know. There are 5 major issues with wearing a puff consistently.

1. Tangles

One of the biggest issues with wearing a puff consistently is the matter of tangles. You may be thinking that because your hair is pulled up, it shouldn't be getting tangled. However, when your strands are left loose for too long in a puff, the curls can easily become intertwined and go unnoticed until you try to detangle.

2. Shrinkage

While some shrinkage is somewhat inevitable for some curlies, wearing that daily go-to puff style can make it worse. Again, this is because of the strands being more exposed to the air as opposed to when they are in a protective style. If you are seeing a lot of shrinkage, it may be time to ditch the puff for a bit.

3. Damaged Edges

Edges, in general, are usually fragile. When you wear your hair in a puff, you are always pulling those fragile strands too tight. This can lead to breakage and damaged edges. If you have ever struggled with growing back your edges, you know this is nothing to play around with.

4. Permanent Puff

When you take your hair out of the puff and it stays in that puff shape instead of falling back into a more relaxed state, you may be wearing a puff too much. You should be able to loosen your hair with your fingers, but if this doesn't work, it is a definite sign you are too committed to the puff.

5. Rebellion

When talking about hair rebelling, it means hair that simply won't do what you want it to do. If your hair is in rebellion mode, you need to take a break from the puff style. Wearing hair in braids overnight will help to stretch the hair back out and aid in manageability in the morning.

Do you wear your hair in a puff? Share your experience with us below!