I attempted to wear a braid-out this morning. Unfortunately, I woke up expecting uniformly round, shiny, bouncy curls. I don't know why I let my hair get my hopes up. After that good sleep last night, losing my TWO satin caps, there was no chance that I was getting the results I wanted. The alarm clock went off. I rushed over to the mirror in anticipation of something that... Just wasn't there. 

So now, what?

After slathering my ends and edges with Alikay Naturals Moisture Rich Hair Parfait, I grabbed about 10 bobby pins and started mimicking a pineapple without the hair tie: I gathered all of the hair at the top of my head where the curls were somewhat defined and pinned all the way around. The bobby pins gave me a bit more versatility in styling; I could choose where to let my "good" curls fall down naturally.

And that's it.

Instead of pineappling with bobby pins up at the crown of my head (like curlies normally do), I let my bangs and some pieces in the front hang down to the side for a slight change.

How do you recover from a failed braid-out?