Curly hairstyle for Valentine

Sex appeal isn’t just about what your body looks like, it’s also about your personality and how you carry yourself. To help boost your confidence, you should take care of what you have, whether that’s stick-straight hair or kinky coils! Your man will find your self-assurance highly attractive! Try out some of these hot and sexy curly hairstyles before your steamy night!

Curly Updos

Natural curls are sexy! There’s no doubt about it. So you might be wondering why we’d suggest hiding all of those curls in an updo. Just keepin’ it real. If you wanna be sexy and comfortable, choose a hairstyle that’ll let you focus more on what’s going on in the room and less on messing up your hair.

If you want, you can go for a sophisticated, polished bun. While your hair is damp, use a wide toothed comb to get through it, then start combing your hair back while tipping your head back. Grab your hair right into the center of your head, then wind it around itself in a bun.

If you are going for the sexy schoolteacher look, secure it tight with bobby pins and spray any loose ends with a light hairspray. However, if you want something that’ll let you shake it out while you’re being sexy later, avoid the hairspray and don’t make a super tight bun.

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If you’re thinking ponytails are for “innocent” looks, think again! Try putting your hair into two low-ponytails and adding a sexy, dominating outfit and see what happens!  If you want a little more bounce to your hair than a bun will give, but still want the convenience of having it kept back, try a sexy ponytail! You can wear ponytails low and near the neck for a more “serious” look, or way up high (think “cheerleader””> for a fun, sassy look!

You can also go for a more relaxed look by gathering your hair into a ponytail, and then, before you make that last sweep of your hair through the ponytail holder, release the band to hold the hair in place. This gives you the convenience of having your hair up in a bun while still looking relaxed and comfortable!

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Free Flowing

For some of you, putting your hair up is anything but sexy. Some girls don’t feel like they’re themselves unless they can just shake it all out (or attempt to hide behind their hair”>. In addition, many men want to actually SEE their girl’s hair, maybe even run their fingers through it (type 3 curlies are now squealing at the thought of insta-frizz!”>.Whatever the reason, you can feel confident wearing your hair down. Heck, you can even stand in front of the mirror and practice your “sexy poses” until you find one you like.

Tip: If you keep your head close to the end of the bed, you don’t have to worry about rolling around on your loose hair; just pull your hair out from under you and let it hang over the side of the bed!

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Final Thoughts

So come on, curlies, who’s doing what? Which of our sexy curly hairstyles do you think will look best on you, and why?

Tasha Swearingen

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