After you’ve made your special dinner reservations and have picked out a nice gift for your cutie, you might be thinking about how you’ll present yourself at the end of the evening. Pick out your curly hairstyle now and let that be one last thing to worry about on that special day!

Type 3 Curls

Long & Loose

You may be self-conscious about things “hanging down” in the bedroom, but your hair shouldn’t be one of the things that worries you! Long, loose curlies are just plain sexy. Many men love seeing their girl with her hair down, and perfect type 3 curls are a great option for this!


If you’d like something sexy yet practical – without having to worry about your hair getting caught or snagged on something – try a sexy curly updo.  You can even accent it with some cute hair accessories like clips or wraps.

Gather your hair together at the back of your head like you’re going to put it in a ponytail. Wind it around itself, and then secure it in a bun with the ends touching the top of your head. Pull at some of the strands, to spread it out and add some bounce, and then accessorize the part of your hair that isn’t in the bun. Tiny butterfly clips are cute, though they may be a little uncomfortable if you’re planning to lie down. Alternatively, you may find that flat metal clips are more comfortable. You can even add some bling and sparkle to them for a cute accent! The owner of the Glitterize Blog suggests adding tiny red or clear rhinestones for Valentine’s Day, which adds an adorable touch!

Type 4 Kinks

Let it Flow

To give yourself some larger, more developed curls for wearing your hair down, try doing a twist out! Keep the curls you get immediately when you take the twists out. To do a twist out, apply a curling cream, such as Blended Cutie’s Down & Out Styles cream, to dampened hair. Separate your hair into two-inch sections and then divide each section into two strands, which you’ll simply twist around each other. Secure at the ends and let your hair air dry (a hooded dryer or a blow dryer set to low heat works as well”>.

To get some more ideas, check out the twist out pictures some of our readers sent to us!

Pull it Back

If your type 4 hair is on the longer side, you might prefer to wear a hairstyle that’s pulled away from your face. If that’s the case, try pulling it back in a simple ponytail! A ponytail really makes your face stand out, so be confident and put on a big grin – make your man want to come into the room!

Tasha Swearingen


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