The holidays are a special time of year full of love, family, and all around good feelings. However, they're also a time of crazy stress trying to run around and get shopping, cooking, child and adult wrangling, and traveling all done in time. With all this running around, it's easy to neglect your hair! Breakage is the gift that keeps on giving, and curlies, we ALL want to return that one.

So give your curls a boost with these tips for surviving the holiday rush!

1. Treat yourself to a hair mask

2. Find your party hairstyle early

Hit up our NaturallyCurly Style Archives for How-Tos, and product recommendations to help eliminate any last-minute experimentation !

3. Amp up hydration

4. Try a new leave-in for the colder weather!

5. Protect your hair with cute accessories

How will you be holiday prepping, NaturallyCurly world? Let us know, and stay warm!