There's always a lot of celebrating around the New Year.

A smiling woman with big curly hair holds champagne with her friends as glitter falls


Obviously, you want to look your best when you ring it in, after all, you and your curls want to start things off on the right foot! Here are ten perfect New Year's Eve hairstyles to start your party off right on this special night, assuming you make it until the countdown.

Curly Clip In

When you're short on time and patience, pick up a pack of Kinky Curly Yaki Clip Ins before you head out to the party for an easy look sure to please. This style is easy to do in a matter of minutes so it's great for when you get that unexpected invite to a last-minute shindig, or if you decide you actually ARE going to the one you know you planned on putting off. Sure you might spend the evening with 'How did your hair grow so FAST' comments, but hey, how you answer that is alllllllll up to you.

January Jumbo Braid

When you want a look of high glamour that is easy to put on and pull off, this is the answer. With a jumbo braid, you instantly bring some dramatic style to the mix. But just because this braid is big doesn't mean it's full of secrets. See how to make this look your own right here.

Half and Half

What's been bigger this year than half up/half down styles? You don't necessarily need to leave this look in 2017—it gives the best of an updo and a loose style, and that kind of combo is timeless. With a half up half down style, you create a look that is the right mix of casual and dressy for a laid-back party choice. Here is a quick tutorial on perfecting this look:

Braided Onwards and Upwards

One of the best New Year's Eve hairstyles will always be a classic updo. And if you're into protective styling, well. That's just the rosewater in the champagne! This look lets you achieve a beautiful style that you don't have to fuss with or worry about all night so you can just enjoy yourself. Here is a quick guide on creating this style:


Another great choice for adding some texture to your look, this style is fun and flirty with a whole lot of glamour. Perfect for a big night on the town, this look is full of pumped up height for a take notice vibe. Sure some people are into keeping their eye on the ball, but when you're the belle of it, we're guessing that the more noticable drops this NYE will be everyone's jaws. But don't just take our word for it. See for yourself here!

Bobbing for Applause

Another style with lots of height, a bobbed updo gives you the best of a sleek updo coupled with an easy way to show off your natural curly texture. When you want an elegant option sure to look beautiful on this special night, this is the one for you to ring in the new year with. Here is a quick tutorial on this style to get you started:

Hi-Def Heatless Curls

Of course it's always in style to let those gorgeous curls loose when celebrating a new year beginning. Everybody's free to feel good, right? Your curls are people too. When looking for an option that gives you great definition without the use of temperature tools, this style is the one to beat the heat. Check it out:

Confetti Bun

Since New Year's Eve is a time full of new hopes and lots of sparkle, it makes sense to choose something super glam and exciting for your curls. With a confetti hair bun, you will definitely be the center of attention at any party you attend. This look is as bold and beautiful as the woman wearing it, and it's the perfect way to celebrate in style. Here is a tutorial on how to achieve this festive style for yourself:

Glitter Bun

Confetti too 'out there' for you? Okay, okay. When you want to shine, but on a more delicate scale, try this effect with glitter instead of larger confetti pieces. This look is just as beautiful as the confetti option but it uses smaller glitter pieces to add extra elegance overall. See this variation on confetti hair here:

Glitter all the way

'Oh no, my sparkly roots are showing! Now EVERYONE knows I'm literally a unicorn!'...said no one ever. When you want just a little touch of sparkle for the big night, glitter roots are all the rage. This look lets you add a little or a lot depending on your preference and desired result. The Mickey Mouse style pulled high allow for the glitter roots to really stand out and add a pop of Disney Magic super cuteness. Create this look with these tips:

Can you handle it?

Curlies, let us know which styles you're feeling for 2018! And always ALWAYS tag us @naturallycurly so we can see your New Year Looks and feature you and your 'do!