Contrary to popular belief, the power of a “curl refresher” is not reserved to the wavy and curly hair communities. Many type 4 naturalistas enjoy these for a number of reasons.

It’s the perfect way to reset my twist & curl or un-smoosh my wash and go without adding heavy products. It helps me stretch the time between styling my type 4 hair!- 4B/C Editor, Evelyn

Looking for something to add life back into your second-day hair without having to repeat wash day? No problem. Look into one of these type 4 faves.

1. Oyin Handmade Frank Juice

This herbal spray leave-in is packed with the goodness of vegetable and essential oils–great for the scalp. The fragrance is that of myrrh, which can be a calming way to start the day off. The vegetable glycerine acts as a natural humectant, encouraging moisture from the atmosphere to help promote sheen to the hair length. Oyin Handmade calls this a “daily pick-me-up on cornrows or twists” and it is great as a scalp stimulator for those with protective styles twists or locs.

2. Obia Natural Hair Care Curl Hydration Spray 

For those who like to stretch their wash-and-go or twist-outs for an entire week, this refresher is ideal. Its pH balanced formula is gentle enough to be used everyday in between wash days, and helps detangle and loosen up pesky knots without requiring the hair to be completely sopping wet. The argan and rose oil combination hydrates and adds shine, leaving a lightly fresh scent that won’t be overbearing throughout the day.

3. Jane Carter Restore Moisture Mist

Loaded with amino acids and silk protein, this daily hydrator works wonders on parched, coarser hair types. The amino acids strengthen the hair shaft and the silk helps smooth the cuticle, a highly sought-after trait for making a twist-out or braid-out style last with minimal frizz. The scalp won’t be able to resist the nettle and rosemary combination (which promote healthy growth and a cleaner scalp”>. It also contains natural glycerides which seal in moisture so that the hair stays shiny and bouncy all day long.

4. Camille Rose Naturals Fresh Curl

When used as a daily leave-in, this product is almost magical. The water-based refresher is lightweight enough to be used throughout the day–at work, after working out, on the commute home, and to happy hour after work. Castor oil provides a number of benefits like promoting hair growth and thickening hair, while the hydrolyzed wheat protein strengthens and provides elasticity.

5. Darcy’s Botanical Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz

This leave-in spray is 99 percent natural and 100% vegan–it guarantees nothing but the most purest form of nourishment and hydration to coily hair. Spritz directly onto twists, locs, or braids to benefit from the infusion of organic nettle, burdock root, peppermint, horsetail, and so much more for natural moisture. The marshmallow root in this provides excellent detangling ability while hair is dampened, and the tea tree essential oils help clarify the scalp.

6. Naturalicious Heavenly Hydration Hair Mist (Kinky Coily Edition”>

A water-based leave-in spray like this one can be helpful for coilies rocking second or third-day hair and don’t want to wet their hair until the next wash day. Naturalicious says this mist “banishes lifeless dull hair” using naturally occurring ceramides to help fortify and strengthen fragile type 4 hair. The grapeseed oil and avocado help moisturize the cuticle, promoting lasting shine and bounce with styles like roller sets or flexi rod sets.

7. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray

For styles that are days old and need immediate attention for getting rid of the frizz halo, this spray is perfect. Agave nectar gives hair incredible shine and prevents further frizz from happening. The wheat protein and sweet almond oil help coils to be easily managed while styling or fluffing out.

8. Mop Top Herbal Detangler & Refresher 

Honey is a natural humectant that provides protection against frizz-causing humidity, and this refresher has a lot of it. It’s still lightweight, though–making it easier for type 4 hair to absorb. Its natural sea botanicals also temporarily mend split ends which help smoother, defined styles appear this way throughout the day. Rosemary leaf extract in this contains antioxidant properties for a cleaner scalp to withstand the outside elements.

9. SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Hold & Shine Moisture Mist

A nourishing styling mist made especially for thicker, drier textures. Made with silk protein, coconut and neem oils, this moisturizing refresher promotes extra bounce for days old wash-and-gos while keeping tight, smooth definition. This product is also free of mineral oils, propylene glycol, and synthetic fragrance, so coils should not feel dirty with build-up in between wash days.

10. Alikay Naturals Wake Me Up Daily Curl Refresher

Type 4 hair usually thrives on butters, but for those who don’t necessarily care for shea butter (or have a nut allergy”>, mango butter is a great variation of the same benefits. This plus aloe vera juice help keep coils detangled, fresh-looking, and clumped for long-lasting wash-and-gos or twist and curls. The vegetable glycerin adds natural sheen and softens the hair length as well.

What refreshers do you use on your type 4 hair?


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