The top knot bun, also known as the high bun, is definitely my go-to hairstyle when I don’t have a lot of time to do my hair, which happens quite often. I love wearing a top knot bun, because it is quick and easy to achieve. The top knot is versatile and can be rocked in different ways with various hair textures and lengths. It will always be a sleek, go-to style that you can rock effortlessly. 

For your top knot bun you will need these tools and products to help create this style:

  • Gel or edge control
  • Bristle brush
  • Bobby pins
  • Stretchy headband or ponytail holder
  • Added hair (If necessary”>
  • Satin scarf

Check out these tutorials on the best high buns of YouTube.

Short natural hair

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a cute top knot bun. For more volume, add hair extensions and use a good gel to hold your hair and edges in place.

Did you know that you can achieve a top knot using clip-ins? Work with what you have.

You can also rock a messy bun with short natural hair using a curly wig.

Medium/long natural hair

If your hair is medium length, it is likely long enough for you to create a top knot or high bun without using added hair.

You can also achieve a high bun on semi straightened or stretched medium length hair.

A high bun is achieved on type 4 natural hair that is medium length.

You can also try a top knot, half up half down look.

This sleek top knot bun is done on longer length hair.

This tutorial is a very chic version of the classic top knot bun. It features lots of height and personality.

Try pulling your hair upward and tucking inward, securing the style with bobby pins.

Now that you have had a chance to check out the different top knot/high bun tutorials, will you give this super chic and easy style a try?

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