As you probably know by now, I am a rebel in the curly hair community. I used to be extremely strict with my hair, using only CG (curly girl“> approved products, not using products silicones, never using heat, and only sleeping with a bonnet. I grew a lot during my curly hair journey and when I started to love my hair I also realized it’s just hair. It’s good to have fun with it! Keep in mind that my hair is pretty strong and low porosity! Here are my 11 curly girl rules I like to break!

I use shampoo

My hair is extremely healthy, shiny, and has no split ends. I believe this is because my hair is not color treated. Being extremely healthy and low porosity, my hair and my ends rarely dry up. I enjoy using shampoo when I want a refreshing wash day! I used to stay away from it, but now I realized it does not really make a difference in my hair routine.

I use silicones

I still don’t like and advise a routine full of silicones, but once in a while I use them and I don’t freak out about it. If I use heat on my hair, I absolutely use silicones to protect it! They really wash out easily with a shampoo or two, so no need to be worried.

I use heat

I use a lot of indirect heat (mainly when I dry my Curlformers set”> and sometimes I use direct heat in the form of a blow-dryer. I try to use some sort of heat protectant every time.

I skip the leave-in conditioner

This is mostly because I am lazy or because I forget it out of the shower. Sure, my style is cuter when I use a good leave-in, but it is not the end of the world!

I touch my hair while drying

I don’t actually do this on purpose, but I can’t take my hands out of my hair! Even when my hair is drying I always touch it, which usually results in some frizzy sections I have to take care of after! Bad habit…

I don’t wear a UV protection or a hat in the summer

I never did it and probably never will.

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I leave the sea water in my hair

Again, because I am lazy. After going into the ocean I rarely shower to clean out the salt from the hair. My hair usually dries a bit stiff, but it also encourages curl definition! I do make sure to wash out the chlorine though if I went swimming in a pool!

I use rubber bands

Because I workout every day, I need my hair to stay in place. Every hair tie I tried in the past never stayed on my hair after the first three jumps until I found some special hair ties that have a rubber lining that sticks to the hair. It can break some of my hair if I am not careful removing it, but I have so much hair that until now I did not see a difference!

I use dry shampoo

I normally wash my hair 1-2 times per week and in between washes I use dry shampoo. It is not the best thing to do if you want to see your hair grow, because it can really clogs the follicles, but I have no time to style my hair after every workout session!

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I forget to tie my hair to sleep

This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I am so tired I just jump in the bed and forget about braiding my hair. The result? A tangled beast in the morning!

I don’t always wear my hair curly

I like the result that I achieve with my Curlformers set. I probably wear my hair in a stretched-out state more often than I wear it curly because it really saves me time. I am all about being practical

What are the curly girl rules you like to break? Do you share some of mine?

Nora Huber

"I am a curly rebel, youtuber, model and medical student, with a scientific approach to my beauty obsession!"

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