Finding “the one” can be a long and perilous journey, you know that special something we’re talking about. It’s the perfect mix of hydration, moisture, consistency, smell, and price point that sends shivers of excitement from the tips of your curls to the root of your scalp. The hunt for your holy grails one can be elusive, frustrating, and like any good relationship, takes A LOT of work. We all have found that one special product we cannot live without, but I have two! Here’s a little peak at my journey to finding the perfect products for me.

My journey has been a perilous one that really didn’t come into fruition until I was in my early 20’s. Yes, my curls did not get the proper hydration or TLC for a very long time. Blame it on the fact the natural hair movement in itself is a new revolution that’s openly being talked about outside of minority cultures. My younger sister first introduced me to Kinky Curly and I fell in love with the smell and the life it brought to my curls. What made this one stand out was the marshmallow root which literally makes my hair smell like candy and I liked it. As I experimented and progressed by incorporating more products into my hair regimen I realized I needed more, because in the world of a curly girl, finding a hit on your first run into the curl world is never really enough.

Then after many years of letting Target have my money, I finally found my holy grail when I ran across Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner. It’s alcohol-free, lightweight and literally makes my hair look like it was styled by a professional. The two things that first caught my attention is that it was animal-cruelty free. Second, I’m a bi-racial curly and it was created by two mixed women who understand my hair struggles. Being that I’m Black and Mexican my hair is thick, curly, and depending on the day- looking like I ran my head through a tumbleweed. Mixed Chicks brings my hair definition and moisture that makes me look forward to wash day each week. The two key ingredients, Amodimethicone and Infusium 23 provide a high level of conditioning and doesn’t leave me with greasy curl or heavy curls. I’ve been using this product for roughly a year now and while I experiment with other products to help with frizziness or hydration, I don’t use other Leave-In Conditioners, I’ve found the one!

At 26, I found my holy grails late in life, it’s a reminder that love has no expiration date. These products  are special because of their ability to make me feel confident and encourages me to embrace my curls.

What products do you love and can’t live without? Share your holy grails with us below. 

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