1. When you go grocery shopping you come back home with hair products instead.

2. Remember that product you bought two months ago? Don’t throw it away! You might need it in a desperate situation six years from now.

3. You have never actually used up a whole bottle of anything.

4. You constantly say, “This is it! I think I have found the one!” And you still keep looking for new products anyway.

5. You have multiple bottles of the same. exact. product.

6. You immediately buy a product when you see it’s on sale, even if it’s a product you don’t like that much.

7. You get irritated when a friend says, “You’re going to buy another product again?”

8. Whenever a gift-giving occasion arises everyone already knows you’re going to ask for hair products.

9. Your bathroom contains enough products to last throughout an apocalypse.

10. The look you give someone when they say, “Don’t you think you have enough?”

11. When you hear that CVS has a BOGO sale you immediately drop everything you’re doing and run to your car.

12. When browsing through your stash you have said this at least ten times, “I forgot I had this.”

13. You have bought a product that you hate multiple times hoping that your hair would change its mind and like it this time.

14. You know you would make a great worker at any store because you have tried all their natural products.

15. You drop by Sally’s every chance you get just in case you forgot that you needed a product.

16. All your pocket money goes to a new leave in conditioner every month.

17. When you’re thinking of buying a new product so you look up dozens of reviews, but there’s no point because you’re going to buy it anyway.

18. You don’t need any products, but you go down the entire hair care aisle anyway just to look.

19. You need to convince yourself why you need a product so you won’t go through buyer’s remorse.

20. Your mother tells you you’re too obsessed with your hair.

21. You could set up a shop with all the products you have.

22. When you shop online you have a cart full of dozens of products, and even if you don’t end up buying them you just leave them there just in case you need them someday.

23. Even though you already own all of Shea Moistures products you enter their giveaways anyway.

24. When you think to yourself, “If I don’t like it I can always return it…”

25. After all the products you have used, you are still on the hunt for that holy grail.

So fess up, are you a Product Junkie?

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