Do you struggle to get the perfect braid on your curly hair? I know how you feel. My following 3 tips will help you getting better braids next time. They will look nicer and be a lot easier to create.

1. Skip the styler

It might be rather weird not to add any kind of styling product to your curls after washing them. The first time I didn’t add styler to my curls before doing a hairstyle, I was totally worried my curls would look like one huge frizz ball–impossible to tame into any kind of hairstyle. To my surprise, they were not frizzy or unmanageable at all. In fact, it was a lot easier to braid my curls.

And even better: Your curls will hold the braid a lot better this way. Adding styler somehow makes your curls slippery and thus they will fall out of a braided style more easily, especially if you have a layered curly haircut.

Make sure your curls are well moisturized, in order to prevent the frizz or poofiness. Below is my ‘before’ braiding my curls:

I did not use any kind of styler–instead, I just deep conditioned them prior to taking this.

2. Add whole clumps of curls to the braid

If you French or Dutch braid, this is important. Remember, every time you touch your curls they become a bit frizzier. Adding only whole clumps to your braid means you do not have to touch your curls a lot. This is crucial to get a nice looking braid, especially if you went styler-free.

3. Pull on your braids so they appear wider

This rule does not only apply to curlies, but to everyone who enjoys wearing braids, really. Pull your braids to make them look fuller. Below, I show you what a difference it really makes:



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