Do your curls need prepping for tonight's holiday party? Then, get movin'!

You’ve had weeks to plan for the office holiday party, and you’ve procrastinated to the point of no return.

You had one job: look good, if not better in holiday-inspired attire than Tamera in accounting!

Now, you’re scrambling to figure out what outfit you’re going to piece together. From the red bottoms to the freshwater pearls, you’ve got to get it together!

But you’re not going out with your curls looking flat and lifeless, are you?

You need to prep those curls for envy-inducing style options that will enhance your office party attire and your inherent beauty.

In this sponsored post, Curlformers are used to style hair that’s in need of serious staying power.

What’s even better, this effective hair curling technology doesn’t require you to subject curls to heat damage… it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Heatless styling requires solid prepping!

Holiday 2016 naturally curl and texture hairstyles need to be smoothed for Curlformers
Naturally curl and texture hairstyles need to be smooth for Curlformers' optimal performance.

In order to get smooth, silky curls that are easily threaded through Curlformers, you’ll need to apply your favorite setting lotion.

We recommend using a setting lotion that has curl-healthy nourishers like avocado, jojoba, or coconut oils in it.

Once you’ve applied your nourishing setting lotion, gently smooth your curls with a large paddle brush.

Long Curlformers for barrel curls are a safe, heatless alternative to traditional styling tools.
Andrea is all set for stylish barrel curls!

Once primed, you’re ready to thread your smoothed curls through your long or extra long barrel curls Curlformers. As you can see from the above image of Andrea, your curls will be securely locked into place with Curlformers.

We’re excited for you to try the following styling options for the season’s hottest looks so let’s get started with offering you the right tools for each look! Simply click on the product images below to add them all to your Holiday 2016 heatless styling collection. [prodmod]

Now that you have the right tools, you’re ready to style those beautiful barrel curls.

Lucious Barrel Curls

Depending on how much time you have, you can let your curls air dry. This heatless option is best for curlies that refuse to abuse their strands with heat.

If you’re low on time and weary of using traditional heat-styling tools such as curling irons and wands, you can speed up the drying process with the Curlformers soft hood.

Now, it’s time to style those barrel curls!

Go ahead – we’ll wait for you to gently take down your Curlformers and let you marvel at how your barrels spring into action.

See? Getting curls that are easy to prep and style is a synch with Curlformers!

Holiday 2016 Luscious barrel curls achieved with Curlformers
These luscious barrel curls were achieved with 'long' Curlformers.

Pin-Up Snow Bun-ny

The Pin-Up Snow Bun-ny was achieved using
The Pin-Up Snow Bun-ny was achieved using 'long' Curlformers.

This look requires you to start off with the barrel curls.

Part your curls at the focal point of your forehead and gently pull them down and around your face for a lovely framing effect.

For the bun, gently pull your curls back to the crown, or center, of your head. Then, secure the bun with your favorite hair pins and a sparkling barrette.

To add shine to your curls, lightly spray them with a lightweight finishing oil or spray mist.

You’ll be the belle of the ball with this look.

Voluminous Halo Curls

Voluminous Halo Curls achieved with paddle brush and long Curlformers.
Andrea's Voluminous Halo Curls were achieved with paddle brush and long Curlformers.

To achieve this gorgeous look, you’ll need to grab your trusty Curlformers paddle brush.

As modeled by Andrea, you’ll want to create volume with this tool first in order to see best results.

Then you will halo your curls around your hairline for a classic look that’s undeniably chic for any holiday party.

The Voluminous Halo Curls look was achieved with Curlformers paddle brush and hair pins!
The Voluminous Halo Curls look was achieved with Curlformers paddle brush and hair pins!

See all these looks as styled by the beautiful Andrea in this Curlformers + NaturallyCurly video below.

Your curls will be nothing short of stunning at this year’s holiday parties! We can’t wait to see how you’ve rock these styles so tell us about it in the comments section below.

Happy Holidays and as ever, stay curly!

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