With all of the anticipate that young men have toward growing facial hair, they never consider the potential of it being a challenge to maintain. Sometimes shaving is done multiple times a week and less often for others. For many young men it is a rite of passage into manhood, but whether it is a necessity is a personal choice for each individual. 

For most of human history, men have had beards since forever. As tools were refined, the development of the razor came into existence and birthed shaving. Fast forward to today and men shave for various reasons: fashion, cleanliness, religion, employer or career demands, or to attract a mate. The rudimentary razor has given way to many brands, styles, techniques, and purposes but for some men choosing which would better suit them is a limited affair.

Men with curly hair are usually subject to basic shaving utensils, as most are engineered for the straight-haired man. If you think that is not an issue, then you would be sadly surprised. Curly or coily-haired men find shaving to be a battle and chore, because shaved hair follicles tend to curve back, re-enter the skin, and cause irritation and razor bumps when you are not using the right products or technique.

My Brotha says that 50 to 80% of black men live with the problem of ingrown hair, whiteheads, and razor bumps daily. This is more than an inconvenience because razor bumps can itch, burn, create scarring, and make the entire experience dreadful. This has caused some men to tweeze their ingrown hairs (which can be painful) or rely on depilatory creams, which tend to work better than razors but if used incorrectly they can irritate the skin and become absorbed into the blood stream.

I was shocked when I found this information, but when I began to reflect on my father’s and husband’s shaving problems, it dawned on me that these problems needed a solution. Many men suffer in silence but there is no need to any longer. We have the top three shaving kits that cater to men with coarse, curly and coily hair. This is the perfect time, as the holidays are upon us and any one of these would be the perfect gift under the tree!

Bevel Shaving System

The Bevel shaving system is a 5-part system to reduce razor bumps and give a less painful shave. The Bevel razor is unique, as it was engineered for coarse and curly hair and made with safety razors that cut only at the hairs’ level for a more comfortable and closer shave without the tugging, pulling, or irritation. This razor will not clog, and will put an end to discoloration and scarring that so many men have become accustomed to. It comes with a priming oil to protect, a badger brush to lift the hairs, specifically formulated shave cream, double-edge safety razor, and a restoring balm.

SheaMoisture African Black Soap Shaving Kit

This system has a focus to cure and correct. Their collection has blends of certified organic shea butter and African black soap with the anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil. This helps to heal and rejuvenate the skin with each and every shave. This system has moisturizing butters that will soothe ingrown hairs and prevent razors bumps and burns. This collection includes the following shaving products: soap, shave brush, anti-aging moisturizer and bump preventer, shave creme, after shave, skin protector, and lotion. 

Black Opal Anti-bump Shave System

This shaving system promises to banish razor bumps and give the shaver a renewed confidence in his skin and looks. It is a 3-part system with the Anti-Bump Cleanser, Anti-Bump Shave Gel, and Anti-Bump Treatment. The system was created to clear up razor bumps and prevent ingrown hairs from forming with the effective exfoliating micro-beads that remove dead skin cells to prevent ingrown hairs. It claims to soften the beard hair for a more painless shave and the fast acting formula fights bacteria and reduces inflammation.

Does your father, brother, or significant other struggle with razor bumps, ingrown hair, and irritation?