Two ways to sum up the overwhelming number of women forsaking chemical straighteners for their naturally curly hair are acceptance of self and exploration of options. Curly girls love options. Every month a new or old brand seems to be launching a new collection or re-formulating an old one and we can’t get enough. Everyone may not be familiar with the product junkie struggle but it’s a real one. Without fail every time I stray from the produce section and wander into the hair care aisle I notice new collections, some that are intriguing and others that are questionable. Yes, questionable. Every product works differently for every person, but in my opinion there is a right and wrong way to build a curly hair collection, and these are the things that deter me (and possibly other textured-haired women) from trying a new collection.

No Deep Conditioner

This I do not understand. Any curly-haired website, blog, YouTube channel, or Instagram page you visit will be full of content about the importance of deep conditioning. Curly, coily, and wavy textures struggle to maintain moisture and our means to reinforce moisture is deep conditioning. Daily conditioners are primarily used as midweek refreshers and detanglers that are never fully sufficient. If you are going to create a shampoo, then create a deep conditioner. If the choice is between the deep conditioner or daily conditioner, always go with the deep conditioner. 

No Moisturizer or Leave-in Conditioner

Do you shower and not follow up with lotion? Neither do I, and the same principle applies to my hair. We know that conditioners are formulated with ingredients that adsorb and absorb into the hair shaft, but that is not enough. Skipping the moisturizer or leave-in conditioner is never a good idea. Although more stylers are being formulating with conditioning benefits and less drying ingredients, most (not all) are not formulated to serve as a moisturizer and styler so we need something to apply prior to styling.

Mousse…We’re Still Making These?

No, I am not referring to the mousse in a clear bottle meant for roller setting, but rather the mousse packaged in an aerosol can for wash and go’s. Please leave this in the 90’s. We have moved on to cream stylers and gels free of drying alcohols. Most of the styling products that curlies use now have more of a cream gel consistency, which tends to have more conditioning benefits and add weight to the hair for less frizz and more control. We want hold without too much crunch. When I think of mousse in a can the memories of dry, crispy, Ramen noodle hair is what comes to my mind and it neither looks nor feels good. It is time to be out with the old and in with the new!

What are different ways that you think brands get it all wrong?