Moisture is an issue for curlies, coilies and wavies no matter the weather. Add to that the cold, drying winds of winter and a few sessions with a flat iron or at-home box color and you can find yourself in hair crisis mode in no time. Here are three ways to bring the moisture back whether your curls are dry, heat damaged, or chemically processed.

1. Dry, brittle coils

Evelyn struggles with breakage and moisture retention in the winter. She's a low-maintenance natural who doesn't typically do protective styles, so she needs an easy routine that's going to amp up the moisture with little effort.

Products used: Olive Oil Infusion, Mirabelle Plum Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-In Conditioner, Hair Milk Gel

2. Heat damaged curls

Nikki likes to straighten her hair every now and then for a change, but when she washes her curls she finds she's left with frizz and frayed strands. To battle the double whammy of heat damage and cold weather damage, Nikki likes to pre-poo with conditioner to make sure that she will not lose any more moisture in the cleansing process.

Products used: Sacred Tiare Conditioner, Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner, Black Vanilla Edge Smoother

3. Chemically processed waves

Cristina's waves have been through the ringer this year. First she bleached them platinum blonde, then went purple, and has now returned to her natural dark color. The repeated chemical processes of bleaching and dyeing her hair has left Cristina's waves dull and her curls limp. She needs the healing effects of an oil infusion pre-poo and a cleansing routine that won't strip her color.

Products used: Olive Oil Infusion, Sacred Tiare Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-In Conditioner, Black Vanilla Edge Smoother

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