Have you ever tried a hairstyle that was a major fail? Did you follow every single step in a YouTube video and your hair still came out wrong? I have been there and I almost gave up on being a curly girl several times. I learned from my experiences with failed hairstyles and it taught me that , “If at first, you don't succeed, try try again.” Here are a few hairstyles that were a fail for me in the beginning, but after some patience and practice, I finally mastered them, well kind of.

Marley Twists

Failed Marley Twists may come as a shocker because this was the first style that got me noticed online with the natural hair community. My very first attempt at Marley Twists was a major fail, and I had to end up taking my hair down after several hours of trying this style. The second time around I had more time to devote to completing it correctly. I wanted to do the invisible root method and had to take my time to get it right. One important tip is to make sure you set aside enough time to try a new style in case it doesn't work out for you, in the end, you will have a chance to change it.


Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots have always been a fail for me. Every single time I attempted Bantu Knots my hair would come out looking puffy and would have no definition at all. I told myself that this year I would try Bantu Knots again, so keep an eye out to see if I succeed at creating this hairstyle again. I have noticed from many YouTube tutorials it's all about how you twist your hair in the knot. Also, to start with somewhat stretched hair to make the style more defined. Lastly, to make sure your hair is completely dry before taking your knots down. This will help you create a beautiful Bantu Knot set.

Wash and Go’s

I will admit my first wash and go styles were a complete failure. My transitioning hair didn’t do well with wash and go’s because the top would be curly and the bottom ends would be limp since they were still permed. I just recently tried a wash and go for the second time and was able to get great results. There is an art to creating the perfect wash and go. You have to make sure your hair is dripping wet when you apply the product to your hair by shingling or raking it through. You also need to leave your hair alone and not touch it so that your curls won't frizz. If you still have relaxed ends, wash and go’s may not be the best option for you.


Goddess/ Halo Braid

I can't French braid well, so halo braids are still a struggle for me. Every time I try to flat twist or French braid my hair, it never comes out like the YouTube video I watched. Practicing your braiding technique will really help create a better halo braid style. Since I have been able to practice more, I noticed that I am getting better. Practicing a style multiple times really helps.

Failing in many of these protective styles has taught me to be patient with my hair. I learned that if it doesn’t work out the first time, to try the style again.

What styles have you attempted that were a fail?

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