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Exercising is a great way to challenge your mind and body, but you and I both understand the struggle of styling our hair after an intense workout. Our hair is soaking wet and usually a frizz disaster! Don’t let your hair stop you from meeting your goals this summer. If you’ve been wondering, how do you maintain your curls and save time styling after your workout? Have no fear, we are here to answer all your questions on how to stay fit and keep your hair fierce!

Try a protective style

First, let’s talk styles. One of the easiest ways to style your hair while exercising is a ponytail or bun. When tying your hair back, be sure to grab a hair tie that doesn’t pull your hair such as these. Protective styles like twists or braids are also great options to style your hair during a workout. One of the pros of protective styles is the amount of time you save by not having to wash and style your hair each time you exercise. You can easily do a quick braided updo or twist out and be out the door!

Wrap your hair

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran natural, I’m sure you know the benefits of investing in a silk scarf, it’s everything! Before you work out, be sure to wrap your hair. Whether it’s in a pineapple or simply just wrapped around your edges and hair tied up, wrapping your hair is essential to maintaining your curls and keeping any hair products from dripping down on your face.

Co-wash more

If you’re working out more than once a week and don’t want to have a wash day each time after you exercise,  you can do a co-wash to supplement shampooing without interfering with wash days. We all know how vital it is to keep our hair moisturized between wash days, and we don’t want gym life getting in the way of that. One of the most important parts of your post-shower routine will be applying a great leave-in conditioner to help refresh and style the curls.

Take a mini blow dryer

Another great tool to keep in your post-gym regimen is a mini blow dryer, set on cool, to help speed up the process of styling and reducing frizz. If you're wearing twists or braids, be sure your hair is complete dry before styling.

The keys to success lies in preparation, so don’t forget to wrap your hair, keep a mini blow dryer in your gym bag and bring an extra hair tie, believe me your curls will thank you in the long run. Don’t let the fear of ruining your curls keep you from getting your Beyoncé on!

How do you refresh your hair after an intense workout? Share with us in the comments below. 

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