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There are right and wrong ways to achieve twist outs. Vlogger Jenell B. Stewart can definitely tell you 8 Reasons Your Twist Outs are a Mess, and if you are still wondering why your twist outs are prone to frizz with relentless shrinkage, then you should consider a flat-twist out. A flat-twist out consists of setting your hair in flat-twist cornrows, allowing them to set, and unraveling them. This style is great if you want a more controlled style that is not always guaranteed with twist outs.

Twist out vs. Flat-twist out

Twist out

  • Similar to plaits
  • Frizzy roots
  • Separate for volume
  • Less style control
  • Less elongation
  • Style tends to rise

Flat-twist out

  • Similar to cornrows
  • Defined roots
  • Fluff or pick roots for volume
  • More style control like parts
  • More elongation
  • Style tends to fall

4 Tips for Flat-twist Out Perfection

There is a way to mess up a flat-twist out, and vlogger Jessica Pettway’s tutorial shows us the secret to achieving definition and elongation.

  1. Start on stretched hair. Since 4c hair is prone to severely retract into tiny coils while wet, it is best to start on dry, stretched hair to avoid tangling and limiting your elongation. This can be achieved through banding or using the tension method with a blow-dryer. Remember to use a heat protectant when using heat tools.
  2. Thoroughly detangle. Jessica detangles with a wide tooth comb and then follows through with a small tooth comb in smaller sections. This will ensure that each section is smooth.
  3. Wind the loose hair. Coil the individual strands before twisting them around one another. This maintains the strand grouping while unraveling and helps it to withstand humidity (100% protection against humidity is never guaranteed).
  4. Use perm rods on the ends. This will prevent the ends from losing definition while providing a polished look, especially if you are in need of a trim.


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How do you achieve the perfect flat-twist out?