Roller sets are timeless, perfect for all occasion, and suit any hair color, length, and face shape. You don’t have to sacrifice definition for volume or settle for shrinkage in exchange for uniformity. You can have both! Roller sets allow you to transform any curl pattern and or density. Want volume? Separate and fluff. Not feeling big hair today? Leave it be.

What’s the difference?

Flexi rods are perfect for elongated curls that mimic a curling iron. Amanda is wearing flexi rods on her Type 3C hair below. 

Curlformers can be worn as is and are also great for an updo. Cristina has Type 2C waves and her Curlformers temporarily gave her a tighter curl pattern. 

For a voluminous fro full of definition, cold perm rods are perfect for lifting the roots. Evelyn has Type 4B coils and perm rods were the best choice for her short a tapered cut.

To skip the blow-dryer before straightening, try magnetic rollers. You can either silk roller wrap with magnetic rollers or use them to add body before straightening. Nikki used magnetic rollers on her Type 3C hair to create larger barrel curls. 

If all of the different types of roller sets have you overwhelmed and confused, or you just want to see what your hair will look like for each, then check out our infographic guide to roller sets below.

What You’ll Need

Flexi Rods
Perm Rods
Magnetic Rollers

Many struggle with roller sets but you don’t have to any longer. We have compiled a list of 6 Reasons Why Your Roller Sets are Busted complete with YouTubers who thoroughly explain their styling process. Technique is key and products help to manifest those #hairgoals into reality.


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