Some mornings you just want to wake up to great hair. No morning fuss, just beautiful coils, curls and waves. Check out the Infographic below from Matrix Biolage to learn how to get overnight, no-heat curls for every hair type.

The new movement in hair care is a one-step transformation of low-lather, fast rinsing Cleansing Conditioner from Matrix Biolage. With a formula for every hair type (suitable for color treated hair”>, Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner cleanses without stripping and conditions hair without leaving behind weight. The result? Incredible shine, body and movement – ready for styling of your choice.

Watch the video below to experience the difference with Cleansing Conditioner.

Learn more about your hair type, and which Cleansing Conditioner is right for you here.

This article is sponsored by Matrix Biolage.



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