Photo Courtesy of Jessica Pettway
We all want what we do not have when it comes to our hair or at the very least a little variety from time to time. Nothing wrong with that so never feel you have to explain why you want to change up your look. It is your prerogative and your business. Never believe that certain styles are limited to certain textures.  Take it from a natural hair veteran. We are resilient and creative, so never feel something cannot be mastered with your own texture. Keisha from Curly Q&A recently inquired about a sexy style she wants has an upcoming celebration and wondered if her 4c hair could be either really straight or in loose waves.


My hair is a 4c type what is the best way to make it really straight or to get loose curls?


Often some women feel 4c hair is difficult or limited on style choices, but that cannot be further from the truth! Both straight hair and loose waves can be accomplished easily and safely if you have the right techniques. Type 4c hair is delicate like all textured hair. It craves moisture and needs specific attention to protect the strands, and with the correct knowledge it can achieve any style you desire. These tutorials demonstrate how easy it can be to achieve straight hair and loose waves with 4c hair.

Straightening my natural hair

TheChicNatural shares a video on how she goes from kinky to straight with little to no effort and minimal heat. She skips the blow-dryer by stretching her hair the night before and allowing it to dry before flat ironing the following morning. You see the entire process and she shares what temperature she uses on the iron, so you know exactly how she does it. Passing the flat iron only once on each section to keep the heat application light and non-damaging, she ends up with super, straight hair that is ready for anything.

Straightened 4c hair without heat

There is always more than one way to create a style and Jessica Pettway opted for the blow-dryer to help straighten her tresses before flat ironing. She also gets sleek tresses with her passing the flat iron only once on each section and she credits the iron for doing such an amazing job. Jessica also discusses the temperatures she uses on her hair and showcases how her hair has movement and shine.

Loose waves on 4C hair

If loose waves are desired, then this is a great video on just how to do it. JanetMonfrèt starts off with blow-dried hair and sections it off before moisturizing and applying flexi rods. Her medium-sized sections are the perfect size for this look that takes little time to prepare. She gives step-by-step instructions (down to the direction to wind the hair around the flexi rod) so you end up with little to no frizz. She ends up with sexy, big waves that have movement and shine. Perfect for any celebration.

Effortless beach waves on 4c hair

Now, we have Jessica Pettway back again to share her straightened tresses and creates beach waves. This carefree style uses nothing more than her fingers and some bobby pins. That’s right! She is creating this look with what our mothers and grandmothers called pin curls. It is perfect for a slightly curled, looser wave that is full, movable, and fun. This look is sexy and simple.