Although wavy hair may not be completely curly, there are a few ways to customize the information you receive to suit your ocean waves. Here are a few wavy malpractices to avoid.

Over Conditioning

Hydrated hair makes the best beach waves, but there is a fine line between hydrated hair and heavy hair. If you are not careful, some conditioners form a buildup along your hair shaft. Over time your curls will be heavy, oily, and may not respond to your styling methods like they used to. Worry not there is a solution to this problem.  

Improper Conditioning

Being consistent with proper conditioning is essential to maintaing the health of your hair. Get your best deep conditioning session under a hooded dryer once or twice a month based on the health of your hair. More often if your hair is damaged and less often if you are simply maintaining the condition of your hair. Then, use your rinse out conditioner after you cleanse your hair or for a midweek rinse. If you choose to use a leave-in conditioner, use one in liquid form rather than cream form, which tends to be heavier. Shampoo your hair regularly with a healthy, organic based cleanser that will get eliminate what you do not need.

Running from the Scissors

Wait, don’t run away! You will love what a good balanced cut can do for your wavy tendrils. Hair takes its shape based on the way it is cut. If you desire more texture and volume, there are cutting techniques that work perfectly with your hair to give you the extra oomph! Consider a DevaCut, where they cut the hair curl by curl . Another technique is the Ouidad carving and slicing method, which takes the weight and bulk out of the hair for a more enhanced finish.

Product Overload

When styling your hair, gels and curl sprays are your best friend. They are lower in molecular weight allowing your texture to be free and your waves to be the star in the show rather than the product. Play around with the products in your curl cabinet and give your heavy stylers away to your other curlfriends. Look for a styler with the words curl definer or curl enhancer, which typically means the product will give your waves more definition and lift your waves.

Set your hair free by using lightweight, conditioning products, get an expert haircut utilizing the most modern techniques for your hair type, and go easy on the stylers, choosing the right one for you and your wavy woes will be long gone!

How do you care for your wavy hair?