summer produce
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Summer is a great time to treat your strands with seasonal produce chock-full with nutrients that boost your strands from the inside out. Nature has a way of providing our essential needs at the time we need them. Here are some of the decadent foods that are in season in the United States to tantalize our taste buds and your tendrils at the same time! 


Delicious strawberries and blueberries are summer powerhouses for your hair.  For centuries, blueberry has been known as an antioxidant superpower not only for its effects on the hair but the entire body.  These antioxidants naturally fight free radicals that attempt to harm you and your hair.  The scrumptious strawberry is one of the more popular fruits packed with vitamin C! Both berries help the absorption of iron in your system. This necessary mineral supports the production of collagen, promoting soft supple strands with proper elasticity.


Everyone benefits from adding spinach to their diets, especially in the summer months. Spinach increases the iron in your body, which is great for hair growth and hair strength. A consistent diet of too little iron will lead to hair loss.  Equally beneficial in spinach is its content of vitamin A. If you are not used to consuming the green leaf, add spinach to a your breakfast omelet or protein shake.


This vegetable is rich in beta-Carotene, which converts to vitamin A, which is needed in your system to make scalp sebum, the only natural source of oil for developing hair strands. While adding additional oils to your scalp is always a great option for dry scalp, producing adequate sebum is important at the base of the hair follicle. Carrots also help to prevent scalp flaking and itching.


All nuts are especially great for the hair, but walnuts and almonds leave a clear trail of effectiveness. Add to your salad or smoothie if you are not fond of the texture.  This source of plant-based protein helps produce strong hair from within. Nuts are also high in vitamin E to help protect from the harsh sun in the summer months. Nuts are beneficial to your hair and a great substitute for meat, as a low protein diet could lead to hair loss. Finally, nuts are high in vitamin E, a natural protectant to help protect your hair from the harsh sun and UV Rays.


Get your biotin the organic away by adding avocado to your diet this summer. Rich in the vitamin B family, biotin attributes to a healthy scalp, which positively affects the hair follicles and ultimately your hair growth. Avocado is also a great source of vitamin C and vitamin E, which has proven to increase hair growth and protect the strands. Summer is a fine time to add avocado to your fish tacos or green salad.

At the end of the season your lengthy luscious mane will be healthy, strong, and ready for the next season! To learn more about the produce that is seasonal in your state, check out the Grace Communications Foundation Seasonal Food Guide.

If you're not from the U.S., what is your seasonal produce?