When it comes to shopping for your best friend you can just buy her favorite styling product, easy as pie. But what about when it comes to your hubby--or your brother, father, or best guy friend? If you are stuck on what kind of product to buy for your guy here are some nice ideas that are sure to keep him looking well groomed and sharp, and they are super inexpensive, too!

1. Hair Wax

Hair waxes help control stray hairs and frizz while adding shine. They give the rock hard look without the rock hard hold allowing the hair to have some natural movement for the perfect clean yet messy look.  

2. Pomade

Pomades are confused with hair waxes very often, but the main difference is that pomades are used for slicked back styles rather than a tousled look. Pomades are sure to make any man feel sophisticated.

3. Styling cream

Styling creams work best for men with thirsty, twirly locks. They help add moisture to the hair to control frizz while giving definition and control to nail any style.

4. Gel

Hair gel is perfect for the type of guy who likes to rock daring styles, mohawks and spikes. Gel will provide all the hold and shine he’ll need to rock that daring look.

5. Hairspray

For the guy who always seems to be on the run, hairspray is the best option. Hairspray is great to refresh a style that has loosened throughout the day, and it is the finishing touch to a look to keep it in hold all day.