Photo Courtesy of Tynette
The natural hair community is forever evolving. New hairstyles, tools, and methods are constantly being introduced and catching attention, and right now sisterlocks are popular among the natural hair community on social media. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube are excellent for finding an abundance of information. Sisterlocks are a thinner version of locs, making them easier to manipulate. Whether you're considering sisterlocks or have worn them for years and need fresh inspiration, here are 5 Instagrammers who wear their sisterlocks proudly!
Photo Courtesy of Tynette


Tynette shares numerous photos capturing her fabulous sisterlocks. She is a fashion, style, and food blogger, so if you are looking for lifestyle inspiration, then you should definitely follow her. Check her out on Instagram and follow her blog

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Sophia


Samantha Sophia is a mommy vlogger who shares videos about her family and sisterlocks on her YouTube channel Samantha Sophia. She is constantly posting pictures on IG and even has a few useful videos about loc maintenance. Check out her blog

Photo Courtesy of Brittany


Need help styling your sisterlocks and have no idea where to start? Check out Brittany’s YouTube channel Brittania708, which is full of videos about maintaining, styling, and pampering sisterlocks. She has had sisterlocks for over five years and loves sharing her knowledge.

Photo Courtesy of Villagehairdontcare


While Villagehairdontcare does not have any tutorials, she has fabulous pictures showcasing her sisterlocks. If you are looking for some inspiration or different ways to style your sisterlocks, she is definitely the person to follow. Her style is creative and simple.

Photo Courtesy of Brit Morris


If you are feeling uneasy about the beginning your sisterlocks journey, then add Britt Morris to your IG feed. Constantly looking at pictures of people with longer sisterlocks can make you impatient, so her feed is perfect for people with shorter sisterlocks. It is great to remember that everyone starts from somewhere.

Sisterlocks are a growing style and these Instagram accounts are a great avenue into the world of sisterlocks. Check these ladies out and be inspired.

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Who do you follow with sisterlocks?