It’s wash day and you are stuck with the task of deciding what style you want to wear for the week. You have mastered your twist out as well as bantu knots, and are now ready to switch things up. You realize that you have some perm rods in your drawer but have no clue how to use them. Well it’s your lucky day because I am here to provide you with 5 steps that will help you achieve your best perm rod set that will have your curls well defined and matching your confidence.

Photo Courtesy of @alongcamemyzha

Step 1: Deciding what type of hair you are going to start with

The beauty of styling your hair with perm rods is that the style can be achieved on both dry and damp to wet hair. The majority of women are not a fan of “day one” curls so beginning on dry, stretched hair offers you the alternative to achieve the volume of your 2nd or 3rd day hair on day one.

Step 2: Choosing your rods of choice

When it comes to a perm rod set you should always pick the products and tools that work well for your hair texture. No matter the texture you will need products that will act as a styler and also provide hold and shine to your hair. For instance, someone with thicker textured hair may choose to use multiple products whereas someone with a thinner and looser texture may only decide to use one. I find my perm rod sets come out better when I use both a cream-based styler along with a foam or mousse. The purpose of these products are to have your curls shiny and bouncy without leaving your hair feeling dry or crunchy.

Along with your styling tools of choice it's best to make sure that you have a detangling comb or brush that will not only define your curls, but help to make it easier for your hair to wrap around the rod. These tools will also assist in helping to unravel your hair when it is time to separate your curls. You can use a Denman brush, rat tail comb, or any detangling tool of your choice to get the job done.

Step 3: Secure your ends

Your ends are what can make or break your style. Whether you roll your hair up the rod or spiral it down your ends must be secured around the rod. To help secure your ends after detangling your hair apply a generous amount of foam to the end of your hair before you begin the rolling process. If you find that your ends aren’t smoothly attaching to the rod and not staying in place this simply means that you need to add more product.

Your ends are what can make or break your style.

Step 4: Make sure your hair is 100% dry

There is nothing worse than spending hours styling your hair only for you to find out that your hair is not fully dry. Sitting under a hooded dryer is one of the best ways you can be sure your hair is completely dry. If you do not have a hooded dryer be sure that you are styling your hair during a time where you have an adequate amount of time to let it air dry. A tip is to style your hair early in the morning or right after work so that you can allow your hair to dry while eating dinner, read a book, or watch your favorite television show.

Photo Courtesy of @alongcamemyzha

Step 5: Separate until you achieve your desired look

Now that your hair is dry it is time for you to begin the take-down process. As an additional step, you can apply a few drops of your favorite oil onto your hands to help reduce any frizz as you separate your curls. Once separated you can wear your curls as is or for extra volume you can use a pick and pick your hair at its roots.

Now that you have completed all of the steps listed above it's time to grab your camera, take your selfie, and show the world how gorgeous you and your curls are.

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