Wash day is very therapeutic for me. There is no rush. My phone is playing nonstop music from my favorite Soulection disk jockeys, my mind is completely focused on what I am doing, and everything around me is serene. Nothing disrupts this experience worse than forgetting my wash day essentials. I loathe being drenched in water and having to step out of the shower because I forget these necessities.   

1. You reach for the comb and...

Nothing grinds my gears more than standing under the shower stream for two minutes, parting my hair, and reaching toward the shelf to realize that I forgot my hair clips and detangling comb in the drawer. What I planned to be a peaceful wash day has now converted to a mopping session.

2. Your favorite shampoo is... in a drawer somewhere

Back into the shower I go and I begin sectioning my hair. I pull the curtain in search for my favorite shampoo and just like my hair clips and comb, they are not in place. Now, I am rummaging through an abyss of hair care products under my sink in search for my Holy Grails. After finding them, I try to avoid slipping and falling on the bathroom floor that has now transformed into a kiddy pool.  

3. Your nails are a hazard

After breathing a sigh of relief, I proceed to section my hair. Starting from the ends and working my way to the roots, I am releasing shed hair from my mane. As I glide my hands through my hair I feel a snag and a few rips. I look down at my fingers and realize I forgot to file my fingernails. So now I am forgetful and raggedy. I am not feeling this combination. Do not forget to file your fingernails before getting in the shower. Hangnails are a set up for unnecessary breakage.

4. You forgot to take off your...

After ripping my fingernail off in frustration, I then continue to detangle. Once I put that section away, it is time to move on to the next but then I feel another snag. So now I am forgetful, raggedy, and not thorough. What is it this time? My earrings. I just have to be cute in the shower. Have your headphones ever gotten tangled in your hair? Well, imagine that situation but with your earrings, stud earrings at that. Now, I am in the shower trying to release an earring that is not in my line of vision. At this point I am far too prideful to step out of the shower and look in the mirror. My mirror is foggy anyways so what is the point? In addition to being prideful, I do not want to experience that temperature transition repeatedly. 

5. Your t-shirt is not within reach

After thoroughly detangling my hair and washing my body, it is time to step out of the shower for the last time. Since my skin is sensitive I try to make sure that I thoroughly wash product residue from my back to avoid potential back acne, as my skin is prone to have. Well, what else could go wrong you ask? I forgot to grab my wash day t-shirt that I wrap around my neck to prevent product from rolling down my back. I am just not winning today.

What are some of your wash day fails?