Creating a sleek top knot or other updos can be challenging. How you start will determine the results, so here are some styling tips to give you an updo that is smooth and full of shine without one strand out of place.  

Wash your hair the night before

Prep your hair the night before you plan wear your style. The key to having a smooth, sleek style is starting on wet hair. This will make your hair more pliable and easier to set for the next day. Also, it will have a better chance at withstanding high humidity.

Use a pomade, not gel

Remember, pomades are for slicking and gels are for defining. Gels tend to be full of humectants that attract moisture from the air and encourage curl definition, so to combat frizz you want to use a pomade. Pomades have thicker, heavier ingredients that will add weight to the hair for control. Pomades are also usually made with heavy butters and oils so this will help to impart shine.

Use edge control for your hair line

No one likes oil dripping down their foreheads, so opt for using edge control along your hairline. Edge controls are much thicker than pomades but not as oily. Some people use them to smooth the length of the hair, but its consistency makes it hard to distribute, so use it only along the edges. 

Gently use a boar bristle brush

Please be gentle. Boar brushes should be used carefully and sparingly. Use light strokes to pull the hair into a ponytail to prevent breakage.

Secure your hair with a satin scarf

After fashioning your hair into a ponytail, cover your hair with a satin scarf before bed. Sleeping without one and relying on a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet will destroy all of your efforts. When you wrap the satin scarf around your head, slightly pull it back as an extra measure to smooth the length of your hair.

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What You’ll Need

  • Marley or Kinky-Twist Hair
  • Boar bristle brush
  • Ribbon tie or scrunchie
  • Edge control


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