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Women Women-owned businesses are not only in the beauty and fashion industry, but in a variety of other fields, such as technology, fitness, nutrition, and medical field. Here are six women-owned business that are bridging the gap in the beauty and health industries!

Blissfully Eccentric

Tanika Aristidle is the founder of Blissfully Eccentric. After her grandmother passed away because of cancer, she was inspired to create a line of hair, skin and beauty products without harmful ingredients. She wants to provide her customers a way to enhance their beauty, while informing them about their health. The Blissful Butter has moisturizing benefits, and helps with problems of the skin such as eczema, or psoriasis. The Bliss Mist is a leave in conditioner, and can be used with the Bliss Butter for ultimate hydration. You will find ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe vera in the Blissfully Eccentric line.


Kate Ryder is the founder of Maven, a women’s health app that allows women to video chat with doctors, nurse practitioners and mental health specialists. The app allows you to ask questions to medical experts, and get answers from them. You can also receive prescriptions.


COCOTIQUE was founded by Dana Hill, and is a monthly subscription box targeting women of color. Dana Hill says she was inspired to create COCOTIQUE because of the difficulty women of color have finding products to suit their unique hair textures and skin tones. “We waste so much money on products that don’t work for us.  Also, as women, we spend so much time taking care of others that we tend to neglect ourselves.  The COCOTIQUE Beauty Box is a monthly gift of love to ourselves, and helps women to remember how important self-care is to loving themselves.”

Rare Essence Academy

Rare Essence Academy is a natural hair online training program founded by Essence China. The academy originally, provided hands on training to stylist who admired natural hair styles created by the  Rare Essence Studio. In order to reach stylists outside of Arizona, where the academy is located, the online platform was born. The online tutorials teach salon owners and hair stylists the skills they need to excel in natural hair styling, and how to build a successful business.

Plate of Joy

Christina Bognet is the Co-founder of Plate of Joy. A company that uses an algorithm to create customized healthy meal plans, and grocery list based on their customer’s individual dietary needs. You take a quiz, that allows Plate of Joy to understand what your meal preferences are. They consider what you like, and dislike, as well as dietary restrictions. Plate of Joy not only helps customers eat healthier, but they help them save money, and reduce waste of ingredients.

Chloe’s Fruit

Chloe’s Fruit is founded by Chloe Epstein. During her pregnancy she was inspired to be more aware of what she ate. She created an alternative to artificial ingredients found in frozen yogurt, as well as the fat and dairy placed in ice cream and Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit was created. She uses fruit, water and a little organic cane sugar. Chloe’s Fruit satisfies cravings in a healthy way.

Are there any companies owned by women that you would like to share?

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