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Despite common misconceptions (thanks, shampoo commercials), curly hair is not synonymous with thickness and coarseness. And super defined, fine strands are not confined to one curl pattern, either. It can be challenging finding the right products for fine, low density strands because you want products that are light but still incredibly moisturizing.

According to Susan Walker of Earthtone Naturals, "A good moisturizer will hydrate and nourish the hair deeply within the hair shaft. Water-based products are necessary. Anything anhydrous or without water such as a 100% oil-based product will not be an effective moisturizer...In high humidity frizz can ensue because moisture is taken from the environment into hair resulting in swelling of the hair shaft, raising of the cuticle and resulting poofiness."'s Email Marketing Manager, Nikki, has fine, Type 3c curly hair while our Community and Social Media Manager, Evelyn Ngugi, has has fine Type 4b/4c hair. Through rigorous testing of many of the products in the NaturallyCurly office, Evelyn and Nikki have found the moisturizing products that work for their fine hair - and they're sharing them below.

1. Oyin Hair Dew | $13.99 on

"It has simple ingredients. It's creamy and really moisturizes my hair no matter how long I've gone without washing my hair." - Nikki

2. Curl Junkie Smooth Assurance | $20 on

"Great scent that lingers. Super slippery, helps detangle dry hair and great for frizz control." - Nikki

3. Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In | $12 on

"It's runny, so you know it has great slip. All the little knots and tangle come loose and it so easy to get the necessary hydration. Love this stuff." - Nikki

4. Obia Curl Moisture Cream | $18 on

"Another thick and creamy consistency. Its best on damp hair but you can use it any way you want and it won't build up. Another plus is you only have to use a little. So its a great value. My hair always feels soft and manageable with this stuff." - Nikki

5. Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave-In Spray | $20 on

"It is a light but creamy hydration spray that allows me to moisturize my hair and has just enough slip to detangle." - Evelyn

6. Obia Curl Hydration Spray | $10 on

"Whenever my hair is dry but full of product, I can't afford to add a heavy moisturizer to my coils! This product is light, non-sticky and non-greasy." - Evelyn

7. Water | free

"I know. But it's literally the foundation of every great moisturizer and you're guaranteed to not have product build up from H2O so I can always spritz water on my hair." - Evelyn

Which moisturizers do you use on your fine curly and coily hair?

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