Spring is in the air but for some reason so many of us just aren’t ready to unleash our curls. If you are anything like me and want to continue protecting your hair and still look FAB, then try any or all of these 7 quick and easy hairstyles.

The Added Benefits

  • Add low hair manipulation
  • Less is more in this case, low hair manipulation simply means taking a simpler approach to your hairstyling routine. Less combing, brushing and tugging, putting down the blow dryer, flat iron is ideal.  This way your hair will be less likely prone to split ends and mid shaft breakage.

Incorporate protective hair styling

  • Protective hairstyling is recommended if your hair tends to dry out easily and you want to lock in moisture in your hair.  The overall goal of protective styling is to keep the oldest part of your hair (the ends) protected and moisturized, which leads to retaining healthy hair growth. See the video below for 7 DIY protective natural hairstyles and discover the magic you can create with a bunch of hairpins, a flexi-rod and hair ties.
  • This hairstyle is ideal for someone who is in a rush and doesn’t have a lot of time to create a funky hair style, this pin up style works well.

Hairstyle 1: The Hawt Bang

You’ll Need: Bobby pins, 1 flexi rod and a hair scarf (optional)

Section the front of the hair as if you’re creating a big bang. Starting from the ends of the hair you want to roll the hair onto the flexi rod.

In this video there are 2 hairstyles that are ideal for someone who is in a rush and wants to style their hair quickly and go, but your hair is either too thick, too knotted or too short.

Hairstyle 2: Faux High Bun

You’ll Need: 4 hair ties and your fingers

Part hair diagonally leading to the center of your head, think of it as making an X.  With each hair tie gather hair as close together as you can possibly get them.  Then twist hair or if you have longer hair you can braid each section. Next step is to cross pin them with bobby pins to create an elegant design.

The next 4 hairstyles are ideal for someone who is looking to style their routine daily twists.

Hairstyle 3: Lil Miss Modest

You’ll Need: Bobby pins and your fingers

If you do not already have your hair twisted then this is the first step in achieving this style. Next, take the back section of the hair, separate in two, the twists in your right hand just criss cross over on top of the twists on the left or vise versa then secure with bobby pins.

With the front simply sweep the twist on the left side towards the back and secure it with bobby pins. On the right side I created a loose roll to give it some volume and then secure with more bobby pins.

Hairstyle 4: Twisted Side Sweep

You’ll Need: Bobby pins, your fingers and hair accessories (optional)

Start by flat twisting your twist diagonally all the way to the back. You can decide how many sections you want your hair to be flat twisted in. I did mine in 2 sections. Secure each section with bobby pins. Similar to hairstyle Lil Miss Modest I created a loose roll with my twist and tuck away with bobby pins. I combine all sections and roll into a side bun.

Hairstyle 5: Save My Edges Bun

You’ll Need: Bobby pins, your fingers and hair accessories (optional)

Similar to Twisted Side Sweep simply flat twist twists from one side to another and secure it with bobby pins.  Take the remaining twists and put hair in a high bun tuck twists away with bobby pins and accessorize.

Hairstyle 6: The Pretzel

Part your hair into 4 sections going all the way to the back and stop that section just before you get to the very nape of your neck.  In each section all you need to do is just roll and tuck roll and tuck and secure with a bobby pins. Do the 2 outer sections first because the inner sections is what you’ll use to connect the outer sections and create a pretzel look. Now your hair should be in two sections, finger roll each section and create a criss cross by pinning the ends on the opposite side.

Hairstyle 7: Mini Cinnamon Rolls Updo

You’ll Need: Bobby pins, your fingers and hair accessories

Section the bottom half of your twisted hair and roll the twist together all the way up to the front of the head then secure with a bobby pin.  Alternate direction until the back is complete. Next sweep the hair from the left side over to the right or which ever section you want to wear your hair in cinnamon rolls as I like to call them. The are two ways you can achieve the cinni roll look-  Roll each twist around itself and then secure with 2 bobby pin. Or--secure 1 bobby pin at the end of the twist and then roll the twist up towards the middle then secure it.