In this tutorial I will be showing you how I create finger coils that match a perm rod set by using just my hands. If you’re not for using a lot of hair tools, this is perfect for you.

Styling Time

This will take you 30 to 45 minutes depending on your hair length and how fast you are at coiling.

Products Used


Begin with freshly washed hair that is still wet (that is the key to this routine”>.

Section your hair into 2 halves and apply your leave-in conditioner generously. I do this whilst finger detangling.

Section your hair in 4 parts–2 up top, 2 on the bottom.

To create a perfect finger coil, apply a palm full of the cream and start on a tiny section of hair from the roots.

Twirl the section around your finger down to the end.

Repeat this step all over.

Leave your coils alone and air dry. You may also diffuse them on a cool heat setting to speed up the process.

Apply coconut oil to your fingertips and begin to carefully separate your coils to add frizz-free volume.

That’s it–cute coils with no heat styling tools and a fuss-free styling routine! This look is versatile for everyday wear and perfect for special occasions. Depending on your preferences and styling maintenance, your finger coils will last for days without needing a touch-up.

Watch my full video tutorial

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