Hey there vibrant 2s, bountiful 3s, and melanin-rich 4s: It's time to shine the spotlight on your beautiful curls with Smooth 'N Shine!

All textures welcome: If you're looking for a firm holding setting lotion with scalp-beneficial nutrients, a flexible holding gel, and a conditioning oil finisher, Smooth 'N Shine is just what you've been looking for. We know because we've taken the leg work out of your retail shelf investigation. Take a look at what our partners at Smooth 'N Shine have on offer for you!

Every curlista needs a go-to set of products that promote the health and wealth of her crown. From protective styles to loose curls, there's a little something for all of us with this line that's been making us all-stars for decades. Let's review some of the ways your hair will benefit from this olive oil, tea tree, and aloe vera formulated line that naturals and celebrity stylists adore.

Curl up with a good gel!

We all want that perfect set of curls that lasts for days without the crunch and flake. With a myriad of choices, you'll soon learn that Smooth 'N Shine Polishing Curl Activator Gel is just right for waves and curls. This alcohol free, conditions gel gently turns your naturally wavy and curly hair into aloe vera-drenched magnificence. How do we know? Just check out this list of goodness:

Once applied to wet or dry hair, you'll notice the immediate slip and softness of your curls

Aloe vera is the driver to healthy, shiny curls that promote shine and strength

No matter the style you choose, this lightweight sweet-smelling clear gel will help you achieve it.

BONUS: When paired with its sister Hair Polisher, your waves and curls will shine so bright you'll have to wear sunglasses inside and at night!

Wrap it up to hold it down!

There's much debate in our NaturallyCurly world about the best and safest ways to straighten waves, curls, and coils. From straightening treatments that give us sleek, slicked back ponytails to thermal protectants that shield textured hair from heat damage, much of this conversation steers toward post-treatment and styling regimen that care for curls. That's why you'll be excited to use Smooth and Shine Polishing Revivoil Foaming Wrap Lotion. Review its benefits below:

  • Non-aerosol bottle that pumps precise amount of lotion
  • Wrap and set your wet or dry hair to lock in olive oil's moisturizing properties
  • Eliminate scalp irritation with tea tree oil
  • Lightweight for styling
  • Unbelievable shine and strong hold to keep hair in desired style
  • Strengthening formula that helps your hair bounce back to its natural state whenever you like!

BONUS: Although this foaming wrap lotion is recommended for straightened curls and waves, it's extra holding formula is a great setting lotion for twist outs (we haven't forgotten about you 3s and 4s!).

Glow! Shimmer! Shine with an oil that can't be beat!

Whether you're twisting out or straightening up, it's your prerogative! Just make sure that your curls shine on a regular basis. The best way to do that is to stick to your healthy hair care and styling regimens... and add an extra boost with an oil finisher that conditions and repairs hair. Designed with all of our curls in mind, the Smooth 'N Shine Polishing Hair Polisher with Aloe Vera is made to give your hair the following:

  • Keep flyways and frizz at bay with every application
  • Can be used as a detangler or pre-styling treatment
  • Conditions and adds shine with the help of power plant aloe vera

Ready to give these products a try?

As M.J. would say: "Go on, girl!"

Keep in mind that this line of Smooth 'N Shine curl-savers can be paired or used solo to achieve any and every hairstyle you want. Built to please each texture and curl pattern, this line is one that you'll talk about around the water cooler for weeks on end because everyone's going to admire your super sexy, shiny curls!

Save this infographic to your Pinterest board and refer to it when you're perusing mass-merchandise retailer and local beauty supply stores. To ensure you've picked the best possible product for your curl pattern, porosity, density, and more peruse our NaturallyCurly virtual index of educational and instructional content.

As ever, stay curly (and if you're straightening, straighten those curls safely)!