Being in a niche within a niche can get difficult.

A cocktail connoisseur with a gin allergy? Hard. A pro-gator wrestler that’s a single mom? Challenging! And if you’re a curly-coiffed super-styling individual with color-treated hair? Sometimes things get really hairy. How do you fight frizz, enhance curl, reduce breakage and keep your color vibrant for as long as possible?

Unless she’s a colored curlista herself, alligator-mom might have it easier…

But the best thing about fitting into a smaller space is that you don’t need much to help you fill it! That’s why ColorProof partnered with us to showcase their expanded product repertoire that includes the TruCurl system—bottles in blue powered by their exclusive IllumaCurl Complex!

IllumaCurl’s ingredients include sugar cane, seaweed, and abyssinian, camellia, and grapeseed oil infusions to help curls keep clean, conditioned, and structured with the smooth spring they deserve without stripping color!  

Let’s bring a few of these products to light…

Let’s get a closer look at these guys…

Cleanse & condition!

The TruCurl Curl Perfecting Shampoo and Curl Perfecting Condition work together to slip off everything your hair doesn’t need that is weighing it down, without sending your color down the drain!

Shape things up!

Grab some TruCurl Curl Perfecting Crème to shape and smooth curls, fight frizz through any weather, and protect your hair from any style-induced heat damage. You’ll love the way you shine!

Set your style!

The CurlyLocks Color Protect Curl Mousse isn’t your classic crunchy formula. This is going to be the ultimate in bold hold that will enhance your curl memory, keep your style in place, and let your colored curls gleam—literally and…literally!

You could say the ColorProof is in the color pudding.

Ready to keep your new hue, dyed in the wool curlistas? Buy the brand in blue here at!

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