Beauty sleep. While we catch our zs at night, there are ways we can help our body repair and rejuvenate. Overnight hair treatments are becoming more popular to treat our curls prior to washing the next day or to use and wake up with better hair. This article will talk about why and how to use them, plus a bunch of great suggestions!

Using overnight hair treatments on a regular basis can help improve the condition of damaged, over processed, and very dry hair. Like anything else, they will reach maximum effectiveness when used as part of an overall healthy hair care routine and in conjunction with other hair health and protecting habits, like using a protector spray when using heat.

What is considered regular basis? It varies depending on how damaged your hair is and how often you wash it. At least once a week is ideal. If you are looking to transform your hair you may decide to do them prior to every wash day. That’s what I do, so I will use different overnight treatments two or three times a week. Some overnight treatments are dubbed as pillow safe, meaning they won’t make a mess of your sheets. For the others, you can lay a towel over your pillow. When I use overnight treatments I like to sleep with my hair protected in a Curly Tee.

If you don’t have time to commit to deep conditioning your hair regularly, an overnight treatment may be an excellent alternative option for you. Or you can use overnight treatments in conjunction with regular deep conditioning to truly maximize the most of your hair treatment regimen. 

Tips for Overnight Treatments

  • Apply treatments to dry hair. Sopping wet, unclean hair means water will get in the way of the product’s proper absorption, so you’re best applying it to bone dry locks. Be generous with the ends than the roots, as this is where most of the damage will be concentrated.
  • Apply the product in smaller sections that way it coats all of your hair strands nice and evenly.
  • Optional: Add some heat! Heating the hair opens the pores and lets the product in. There are a few ways you can do this: put a plastic shower cap over your hair to trap the moisture or warm a towel in the microwave a few minutes and wrap it around your hair. Leave the heat on for 15-20 min., then remove the cling film and go to bed.
  • When washing the treatment out in the morning, aim to shampoo only the roots. The shampoo will wash through the hair when you rinse, so there’s no need to rub it into the ends as this will end up stripping too much moisture and the treatment from your hair.

My Fave Overnight Treatments

To sum it up, using an overnight hair treatment to help repair damaged and dry hair is a great idea. They only take a couple of minutes to apply and your hair will look better both immediately and over time.

What are your favorite overnight treatments?

Diane Mary

Just a girl passionate about beauty, a big hair product junkie who tries to keep her naturally curly wavy hair as healthy looking and nice as possible.

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