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Most of us would try anything if we were told it was simple and would help make us beautiful. Beauty sleep is one of the most common ways to simple beauty, but what if we could make that sleep even better? No, we’re not talking about melatonin or lavender oil on your feet. We’re talking about the pillowcase you sleep on. You’ve probably heard of women sleeping on silk pillowcases to banish frizz, but we have a cheaper and effective alternative: satin.

Satin is made by weaving together fibers of many different materials from silk to polyester. It has a shiny, silky side on the front and a “dull” side on the back because the silk is laid on top of the other materials. Silk, on the other hand, is not a mixture of fabrics. Silk is made from what is produced from silk worms and takes an incredibly large amount of the animal proteins to make a small amount of silk fabric. This is why real silk pillowcases can range from $70 to a few thousand while satin pillowcases can start around $10. Satin pillowcases are just as great because the part of them that actually touches your hair is mostly silk, so it offers the same benefits for a much lower price.

1. Reduce Wrinkles

With pillowcases of cotton or other materials, there is always friction when moving. This friction causes wrinkles while you sleep! With satin pillowcases, the skin is able to move without friction and you wake up without lines on your face from your pillow in the short term and without fine lines and wrinkles in the long term.

2. Shiny Hair

While you are sleeping, your hair goes through a lot. From the tossing and turning that can tug on strands to the way cotton pillowcases rob hair of moisture, satin pillowcases allow hair to move easily without damage. Looking to fight the morning case of the frizzies? A satin pillowcase may be the answer!

3. Reduce Hair Breakage

The same way cotton pillowcases rob hair of moisture, they may also cause breakage. The friction of cotton pillowcases weakens strands over time and leads to hair that is more prone to breakage.

4. Prevent Hair Loss

When hair is dry and brittle, it is prone to breakage. This breakage can lead to eventual hair loss. With a satin pillowcase, you can keep hair healthy and avoid the loss of precious strands.

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5. Protect Brows & Lashes

When you are sleeping, you can lose hairs from your eyebrows and eyelashes from the harshness of the fabrics your face encounters while sleeping. With a satin pillowcase, there will be easier movement and less friction so you can wake up as beautiful as you were when you went to bed.

6. Get Your Glow On

Skin needs to breathe. With pillowcases made of rougher fabrics such as cotton, wool, or flannel, skin has a harder time breathing and staying cool. The warm, stagnant element of these materials can’t compare to satin. With satin pillowcases, skin can breathe more which helps with minimizing pores, reducing irritation and redness, and increasing firmness.

We know that for some, nothing compares to natural, 100% silk pillowcases. For others, however, a cheaper option that offers the same benefits is a great way to go. What do you think? Have you ever used a silk or satin pillowcase? What advice do you have when using it? Comment below, we’d love to hear it!

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