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The curly girl method, created by Lorraine Massey, is the curly girl’s bible for hydrated and beautiful curls. Naturally curly hair has different requirements for being healthy than naturally straight hair. The curly girl method (CG method) came along and transformed how we cared for our hair. Curly Girl: The Handbook is a go-to for first-time curly girls ready to take their waves, coils, and curls to the next level by showing the proper way to cleanse, condition, and style our unique curls. Here are four benefits that women have experienced following the CG method.

Maximum hydration

Curly hair is naturally dry and it becomes increasingly drier from over-manipulation, heat, or permanent color treatments. Textured hair needs more conditioner than shampoo. Shampoo containing sulfates are too harsh for our curls, because those surfactants act as detergents that strip curly hair of its much needed natural oils and moisture. By removing certain ingredients like sulfates and silicones, the method allows for softer, more hydrated strands that do not get weighed down. You will experience a curly euphoria as your hair becomes alive with softness and movement from proper hydration.

Ultimate wash & go

If the curly girl method had a signature style, it would be the wash & go. The wash & go celebrates the simplicity of curly hair by imparting moisture with minimal manipulation. Many assume that the CG method is exclusively for looser textures but you have to find a styling application that works you, whether that means shingling in large or small sections. It’s all about your hair falling or rising naturally. A haircut may be needed for the shape that you want, so consider finding a certified DevaCurl stylists that will help your wash and go look its best.

Superior curl or wavy definition

Many curly girls are driven by the need for supreme curl definition and will buy products that promise that very thing. The problem is that curl definition cannot be found in a jar. Styling creams, custards, and gels can only enhance the definition you already have when it comes to wash and goes. For stretched definition, consider roller sets and finger coils. For wavy hair that lacks volume, consider the clipping technique to keep the roots from going flat.

You learn about your own hair

Learn to look at products differently. Using products that emphasize moisture are essential for healthy-looking curls. I encourage all curly girls to read Curly Girl: The Handbook to learn valuable lessons on your hair.

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