There are a lot of factors that determine whether or not a relationship will work. There are a number of things like compatibility, communication skills and life goals that make the difference between a fling and a life partner. Of course, once the broom has been jumped and the wedding bliss has worn off, there are other issues that can arise that may threaten your romantic career.

But imagine for a moment that things in your marriage are going along smoothly. The babies are taken care of, the house is in good shape and the bills are paid. What could possibly break up such a fateful and joyous union?

Could it be your curly hair?

What a Man Wants

Earlier this year, BeyondBlackWhite.com featured an article from a woman who shared her experience of being looked over by black men because of her full afro. Essence.com ran a poll of men’s preferences, showcasing a range of aesthetic likes and dislikes. The poll revealed that some men want long hair, some men want straight hair, some men love curly hair and some men honestly don't care.

However confusing these conflicting preferences are, it does leave many questions unanswered and raises a number of issues regarding a woman's right to look however she wants, and fails to get to the bottom of men's buried emotions towards women with natural hair.

It's Me or the Hair

CurlyNikki recently shared a painful story about a woman who found the future of her marriage in jeopardy based on her decision to wear her hair natural. Although her husband agreed that she had more to offer to the relationship than her hair, and that their daughter's naturally curly hair was “beautiful,” he still felt his pregnant wife's “nappy” hair was unattractive.

For better or for worse, she agreed to wear more straight hairstyles, allowing the couple to reach a boggling agreement that insured that his happiness and comfort would not be compromised by her appearance. Of course, what followed this courageous confession was a hailstorm of angry, confused, offended and empathetic comments by users who could barely stand the audacity of a man’s ultimatum towards his pregnant wife. But is this an isolated situation, or can having curly hair really be a deciding factor in whether or not a marriage can stand the test of time?

A quick Internet search provides an almost bipolar range of results about how men respond to women who embrace their natural hair texture and choose to skip chemical treatments in search of perfectly straight hair. It seems that men who like natural hair are really into it, and for the ones that aren't? Well, it might cost you your relationship.

Want More?

Follow Teri's online dating experience, with two separate straight and curly-haired accounts! Get the real dish on if men prefer curly or straight hair!

Final Thoughts

As more and more women take the plunge into rejecting the social conformity that pressures them to alter their natural appearances, many are wondering if the issues surrounding their hair are deeper than just the need for straight hair.

What do you think the real issue is?