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The world of hair trends moves fast. One of the hottest trends taking over right now is rose gold hair color. This color blends the best of gold tones with pink rose for a color that is a bold pop of feminine beauty. When it comes to coloring curly hair rose gold, there are a few things to keep in mind first.

What about damage?

The method of coloring curly hair rose gold can take a toll on the health of your curls. To create this look, it works best on hair that is bleached blonde or a lighter shade to give the dye the best chance of taking and holding the new rose gold tones. This process can be damaging to curls and dry out your strands. Does this mean curlies can’t get in on the rose gold fun? Absolutely not! It just means you need to be careful about your hair care. It is important when doing this look to include a thick conditioner into the mixture to make sure you get added moisture to help protect your curls against damage. You should also make sure you continue following your usual hair care plan, but watch out for signs of damage. While the rose gold trend is fun and stylish, it should not be an everyday look for too long or you run the risk of damage. It is a great look when you want to try something new for a short time! To extend the color, wash your hair in cold water to avoid raising the cuticle and opening it up to color loss. Here's a great tutorial on how to color your naturally curly hair, while keeping your curls healthy.

Doing it yourself

This is a hair trend that is not easy to do at home by yourself. This isn’t to say you can’t do it on your own, but if you aren’t sure about it, maybe just head to the salon instead. If you are new to coloring your own hair or have had a few mishaps, it might be best to leave this one to a professional. In fact, esteemed colorist, Amelia Trammel, says in Stylecaster, “I’d strongly recommend not doing this at home,” and she adds that many people end up with an orange, streaky look that is anything but rose gold. There are a lot of salons that are happy to create the rose gold look for you.

Is it right for my texture?

A lot of curlies worry about new trends being curly friendly. This is a hair color that will work on any type of hair or texture. You just have to be careful about protecting your hair from damage if your hair type falls under a more vulnerable type. What about locs? You can still get in on the fun with locs. It might take a little longer for the color to set in, but the result is still pretty amazing. Here is an example of rose gold locs to inspire your look.

Trying new styles, looks, and colors can be a great way to mix up the routine. With rose gold taking over, be a part of this hot trend and show off your beautiful curls!

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