Let's be real: Bullies are a not-so-fun part of life.

They seem to be everywhere: lurking in hallways, creeping on Instagram, and their influence even finds itself talking smack to you in your mind. Ugggggh! How infuriating! If only there were some curly girl clapbacks for you to use when those lame bullies decide to pick on your ever so glorious crown.

Well, you know that I've got your back. That's why I'm offering you...

Curly Girl Clapbacks

Believe it or nah, I was picked on from elementary all the way through high school. Seriously.

My nicknames ranged from 'gerbil' to 'Steve Urkel' --- I know that most of you don't know who that is, but believe me... nobody wanted to be Steve Urkel.

Oh my goodness... I'm having flashbacks...

I'm going to stop spiraling into a black hole of bad memories and offer you some of the best clapbacks from my childhood and the present day because believe me, curlfriend - I know that it ain't easy being bullied! Try a few of these clapbacks on for size.

Clapback #1: The tried and true 'Talk to the Hand'

Tell a bully to 'Talk to the hand 'cause the face don't wanna hear it!'

Clapback #2: The Silent Treatment

Why feed a bully your energy? Just give 'em the silent treatment and walk away.

Clapback #3: The "My Curls Run The World, Girl. You Didn't Know?" hair flip

Never underestimate the power of your beautiful curls, hunty!

Clapback #4: The "Girl, Bye!"

Take a note from the Queen and tell those haters "Bye!" #thebestrevengeisyourpaper

Clapback #5: The 'Logout'

When cyber bullies are getting to you: LOGOUT. You've got more important things to do with your time like studying to get into college, putting together a wicked work presentation, and being the best you that you can be, ya heard me?!

Hey Curly Community: Share your clapbacks in the comments section below!

Just so you all understand, I know that bullying is a big deal. Not only because I was bullied when I was younger, but because even adults can be bullies.

There's no excuse for this type of behavior. Ever.

And if you're in a bad situation, whether it's at school or in a professional environment, remember that you are not aloneIf fact, there are several resources at your disposal. I highly recommend the StopBullying.gov website. There you will find more in-depth responses to help you twirl on your haters or at least effectively navigate those uncomfortable, sometimes scary situations.

In any event, I hope that you remember that this is just one stage in your beautiful life. And please never, ever forget:

You have the power to be YOU and do what you want with your life - Don't let a bully extinguish your shine!

They just want what you have: fire, style, grace, and the curls that run the place!

As ever, stay curly!