The Design Essentials Naturals Coconut & Monoi Collection was developed for dull, dry hair. Their website says that the line is “Expertly infused with coconut oil, monoi oil and nourishing botanicals to quench dry, thirsty curls. Each coconut & monoi formula is designed to deliver intense hydration to instantly transform dry, thirsty hair into soft, shiny, revitalized curls in just minutes!” Since I have super dry, thirsty, dull and damaged hair, I was very much looking forward to trying out this line! I have loved coconut oil for years and have recently been on a monoi oil kick so I had high hopes for this collection.

Coconut Water Curl Refresher

What They Say: Lightweight silk proteins and a replenishing blend of active botanicals including calendula and horsetail plus vitamin E restore over-worked curls. Deep penetrating daily moisture blend tames frizz. Great for wash and go’s and soft hold styles.

What I Say: I found several pros and cons to this refresher spray. The pros for me are on dry second or third day hair, it adds incredible shine, helps with frizz, and gives movement to my limp hair. The shine factor is really nice. I also like that the spray mists finely and wide (as opposed to a straight shoot”> from the nozzle- this helps to coat my hair evenly and more quickly. I don’t like the smell and it lingers for days. The other is that this spray feels a little bit sticky on my hands (when I massage it in”>, which is something I never experienced with a refresher spray.

Deep Moisture Milk Soufflé

What They Say: Designed to nourish and hydrate all curl types, this moisture-boosting formula delivers the smoothing power of shea butter, plus reparative milk protein. It provides layers of nourishing protection.

What I Say: The scent in this styler is very light, which is great. This soufflé is so thick yet somehow feels so lightweight. It feels very slick in my hair, but not greasy. There is mineral oil in this product, which I usually avoid. However, I do like the fact there are nice hair reparative ingredients such as argan oil, collagen, and milk proteins and of course coconut monoi oil. On dry second and third day hair it imparted shine, reduced frizz, and left my hair so soft! I like that it didn’t feel heavy and sticky when applied to dry hair. It was okay on wet hair, I think it could be used in place of a leave-in conditioner. For my wet hair wash and go however, there isn’t enough hold for me to use it on its own so I will save my uses for dry hair. It gave my hair so much shine and life that I disregarded the mineral oil. This was one of my favorites in the collection.

Deep Moisture Milk Creme

What They Say: This lightweight, highly concentrated oil crème is enriched with vitamin E and restorative milk proteins to replenish curls, reinforcing hair’s natural moisture barrier for all-day frizz protection. 

What I Say: The coconut fragrance in here is too strong for me. Sadly, I got a headache and had to wash my hair immediately. It was unfortunate because I did notice some shine. I didn’t leave it in my hair long enough for a proper review.

Deep Moisture Oil Treatment

What They Say: Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Oil Treatment, infused with nourishing Moroccan argan oil with vitamin E, nourishing botanicals and revitalizing antioxidants, instantly starts the repair process for damaged hair, renewing strength and elasticity while shielding the hair from damaging elements.

What I Say: This product also has a strong coconut fragrance. I applied it as a 10 min. pre-poo treatment. Like the refresher, there was an odd stickiness to this product I noticed when I applied it, but it disappeared after my hair dried. When I rinsed it my hair felt very slippery (in a good way”> and soft! I like that it has vitamin E, argan oil, and sunflower oil as well as the coconut and monoi to improve strength and elasticity. I also mixed a little in one of my conditioners for additional treatment properties and it added a bit of extra slip! You can also probably use it to seal wet hair if you enjoy coconut scents.

Intense Shine Oil Mist

What They Say: Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist infused with replenishing Moroccan argan oil instantly soothes dry, brittle hair, leaving each strand nourished and conditioned. This revitalizing formula is packed with protectants that help shield curls from damaging elements and keep them bouncing with radiant shine.

What I Say: When they say intense shine, they mean it! I love what it does to my hair. It’s lightweight oil that doesn’t weigh my hair down at all. Aside from the shine, I notice a nice decrease in frizz with additional softness. Like the other oil in this line, this also has vitamin E, argan oil, and sunflower oil. I didn’t love how it sealed my hair wet, but it worked extremely well as a refresher. To me, this was one of the best products from this collection.

In conclusion, as a whole I am up in the air with the Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Collection. Some products were great for me, others not so much. If you do have dry hair and don’t mind a mineral oil and coconut fragrance, this line could be a winner for you.


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