Summertime is upon us, curlies! The days are sunny and fun, making for the perfect time for poolside lounging with cocktails, hot tunes, and your curl friends. As the days roll on by, you’re hyper aware that this season of fun in the sun means that you’ll be combating environmental damage, curl dryness, and product crunch. These challenges are inevitable, but every challenge has a solution!

Our friends at Design Essentials know a thing or two about regaining control of hair that’s become unmanageable due to environmental factors and lack of moisturizing properties in curly girl products. That’s why we’ve teamed up with them to help you gain product knowledge, understanding which styling products on the market are right for your texture and porosity, and direct you to style-focused blog posts so that you can rock your summertime look with confidence!


Design Essentials Natural Honey CurlForming Custard

The summertime is perfect for showing off the curls you’ve keep moisturized throughout the fall and spring seasons, but what happens when the products you’ve been using seem to make your hair vulnerable to environmental damage? Well, you can switch it up with a curl forming custard filled to the brim with moisturizing honey and cuticle calming chamomile.

What is it best for?

Long lasting curl definition: By keeping nasty chemicals and cones out of the equation, this thick custard holds your curls’ shape without any build up.

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse

If you’ve ever doubted your curls’ ability to be free of frizz and voluminous at the same time, your faith will be restored in this olive oil and vitamin B complex formulated mousse. This summer you’ll need a medium to firm holding mousse that also nourishes your curls because let’s face it: healthy, moisturized curls are amazing no matter what the season may be!

What is it best for?

Volumizing curly and wavy strands: Especially with this styling tip from Naturally Curly Contributing Writer Sandra of Just Curlies. To get voluminous curls, she recommends “you to blow-dry your curls instead of letting them air dry.”

Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Curl Defining Gelée

Hotter temperature and humid climates aren’t the kindest natural forces to curly girls. That’s why it’s important that gelatinous styling products used on your curls contain natural oils and botanicals such as Sunflower, Marshmallow Root and Aloe. To prevent drying of the hair strands, avoid all gels that contain alcohol.

What is it best for?

Chic summer styles for short hair: Beloved by curlies of every curl pattern and texture, this gelée helps waves, curls, and coils retain moisture all summer long! Curlies that rock short hair styles can us the gelée as a one-step moisturizing and defining process.

How will you shine this summer, curl friend?

This summer is not about managing a mass of outrageous curls, waves and coils that refuse to stay well defined, frizz free, and moisturized. It’s about understanding how to bathe them in the custard, mousse, and gelée they need to look effortlessly chic all season long!

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As ever, stay curly!