Being a curly girl is not easy, but being a curly girl outside the USA can sometimes feel like an insurmountable challenge. In the United States, it seems one can easily find curly hair products at large retailers, curly models are making their way into magazine ads and slowly but surely actresses are ditching the flat iron for red carpet appearances. While the U.S. has started to embrace textured hair people, some countries are still far behind in accepting the movement.  Here in Europe where I live, for example, there is not a "curly hair" section at my favorite stores. If I am lucky, I can find some curly hair products among the well known brands near me, but normally stores don't even bother to carry them. So I usually have to resort to purchasing product online or in a hidden boutique.

Congresses, meet-ups, workshops? Nope.

And that is a pity...

Because all those gatherings for natural hair lovers and wearers are essential to spreading the voice and to make natural hair beautiful everywhere in the world. Every woman, from China to Spain, from Ghana to Norway, has the right to feel confident and beautiful with the hair nature has given her.

This is why I was so pleased to learn that Inhairitance Curl Spa hosted its inaugural natural hair congress. Focusing on sharing awareness on the care and beauty of curly, kinky, wavy and locked hair on June 27 in Montreal, Canada! This is definitely a step forward. 

According to Abisara Machold, owner of Inhairitance, this congress is for “men and women of all backgrounds, curly girls, naturalistas, transitioners and curly hair fans to come and discuss with certified experts, meet various industry craftswomen and discover the best natural hair products on the market.”

Machold also reiterated the reality of the current international situation:

"Only a few specialists are trained to cut and care for curly hair. Each curl has its size and personality. We hope through this conference to offer an exchange platform on aesthetics, but also on the socio-political aspect of wearing our naturally curly and kinky hair.”


The congress included speaking panels, workshops, and a live hairstyling competition. Among the group of panelists was Stacey McKenzie, a Canadian fashion model, who had also served as a judge on Canada’s Next Top Model. Nerissa Irving, another gorgeous model with long locks, also served on the panel. She organizes workshops with a focus on hair and sexual health.

It was a huge and important moment for the international hair community. Now I hope that other countries will do the same and start hosting more congresses and workshops to spread the curly hair love and knowledge everywhere!