Kiitanaxo crochet braid extensions
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Crochet braids are hair extensions crocheted into cornrows with a latch hook tool. They are extremely flexible for styling and great for all textured hair. Many assume there is only one way to install crochet braids, but your braiding pattern can affect how the hair lays. Have a style in mind? Check out the list of patterns below to ensure your finished look is polished.  

Basic pattern

Cornrows are great for starting out, especially if installing your own crochet braids. TheChicNatural has one of the best videos on installing crochet braids using Marley hair for beginners.

Beehive pattern

The beehive is ideal for wanting a flat surface. This pattern is great for braids, twists, and ponytail styles. This is the ideal style if wanting bangs. The beehive pattern is just as quick to install as the basic or u-part pattern. ChimereNicole creates curly hair with bangs using Sensational Jamaican Bounce hair.

Watch Freedom Styles create a beehive pattern in the middle while the front, back, and sides are braided towards the crown, so hair is easily concealed while in a ponytail style.

U-Part / Crossover pattern

This pattern is very similar to the traditional cornrow pattern. For multiple parts, straight cornrows and then crossing the braids in the middle over one another gives you this option. This is exactly the same method as sew-ins for allowing a more natural looking leave-out. Kiitanaxo shares a beautiful install of crochet braids using this pattern with Jamaican Bounce hair from the beauty supply store. The end result is full, bouncy hair that can have several parts.

Micro pattern / Micro method

As you would imagine, the micro method uses much smaller cornrows. These types of braids allow for better straight styles. Small strands of hair are crocheted into your own braided hair, making this method more tedious than traditional crochet braids, but the look is flawless and ideal for straighter styles. Freedom Styles shows a close up into the crochet process and how well it looks when completed.

Not just for straight styles, this is also great for micro locs or faux sister locs like ColouredBeautiful created. She gives a thorough breakdown on how she feels about it and the best ways to install but they look absolutely heavenly and ideal with the micro method.

Vixen pattern

This four section version of the beehive allows for a myriad of styling options from ponytails to styles with side parts. The most versatile of all crochet braiding patterns and growing in popularity as a result, this style gives an option for leave-out. This is the most difficult of braiding patterns but it provides so much versatility. Beautycanbraid shares the detailed install and finished look to the vixen pattern with the option of a leave-out.

Zigzag pattern

The zigzag is starts off like the traditional cornrows down the front. The middle has a zigzag or a horizontal pattern for layering and those popular half up, half down styles. Watch TheBrilliantBeauty create a zigzag pattern with an invisible part to install Marley hair for volume.

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