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If you talk to natural curlies, which we do all the time, you will find that many women actually decided to wear their natural curls as a result of falling in love with their children’s texture. Children’s hair care is simply different from adult hair care, and for this reason, product companies and developers have taken a firm stance on creating products that meet the needs of curly kids.

While the hair growth cycle is the same for adults and children, the onset of hair growth should remain undisrupted in developing babies and children. They need a healthy, balanced environment that is conducive to their growth and development. Although this process is a natural part of the life cycle, it can be interrupted through harsh hair care, product abuse, and over manipulation. Instead, gentle products without harsh ingredients like sulfate cleansing agents are necessary to go with the natural flow of the body.

It is important that children are exposed to nurturing ingredients as their bodies receive nourishment and/or toxins much easier than adults.

Within the last decade, there has been a burst of baby body products due to the uniquely delicate and sensitive skin of children. As they age, their skin gets tougher. This is also true for the scalp, which absorbs products easily. It is important that children are exposed to nurturing ingredients as their bodies receive nourishment and/or toxins much easier than adults. In addition, children’s hair should be gently manipulated when caring for their delicate and developing hair strands.

Your Kids’ Products Should…

  1. Be safe and refrain from inhibiting the natural growth cycle. 
  2. Be a support for gentle manipulation.

A representative of Mansfield-King says that when they develop products for children “the focus of everything we develop is safety, then performance. First comes a review of any regulatory concerns with children’s products, such as the recent information out of Minnesota regarding formaldehyde donors used as preservatives in children’s products.  The next step is developing samples that meet the safety and performance criteria.”

According to Mahisha Dellinger, the Founder of CURLS, when she decided to make her lines for babies, children, and adults they considered the needs of these different groups. “When I decided to make a kid’s line, Curly Q’s, and subsequently a baby line, It’s A Curl, I knew that changes would have to be made. While the CURLS philosophy has always been “go green or go home,” we knew that formulating for kids (and babies”> required even more focus. Young scalps are tender, sensitive, unexposed. You cannot just slap any product on your angel’s hair without care. Given this fact, we have taken a very calculated formulation path, we have scaled back on key ingredients, lowered the percentage on active ingredients and have incorporated scalp soothing ingredients (e.g. organic aloe vera juice and coconut milk”> into our Curly Q’s for Kids and It’s A Curl for babies.”

Take it from the professionals, children’s formulated products are not just a marketing gimmick designed to trick you into spending more money, but derive from safety and performance based objectives. Any quality product developer and product company will seek to accomplish these two very important needs when introducing curly hair products into our market and into our homes.

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What are your favorite children’s products?

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