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When I met eight-year-old Calissa Allison and seven-year-old Ta-Niya Davis behind the scenes of the African Pride Dream Kids video shoot, the first thing I noticed was the two girls’ excitement in straightening their naturally curly hair. Much to my surprise, their moms watched on completely worry-free as hair stylists applied, washed, straightened, and blow dried their daughters’ textured hair straight. I caught up with Calissa and Ta-Niya on their lunch break from shooting all day.

calissa before and after photos

How long have you worn your hair curly?

“All my life,” both girls replied with bright smiles on their pretty little faces.

calissa and nichole curly hair

What do you like most about yourself?

Calissa: “My mom is black, and my dad is white. I love my curly hair and my eyes.”

african pride

What do you enjoy about this experience?

Ta-Niya: “I get to wear my hair down. And I like being a star!”

From this conversation, I took away a clear understanding of the confidence both Calissa and Ta-Niya carried about their own unique looks and personalities. It was obvious that their mothers were the source of their amazing self acceptance. Naturally, I shimmied over to Nichole and Anntionette to get the deets on their tips for raising such confident, beautiful kiddos.

My favorite thing is that Calissa’s hair straightens within only one hour. Then it will revert right back in four weeks with no damage.


What do you appreciate most about the Dream Kids Texture Manageability System?

Nichole: “My daughter is a gymnast, so she has to wear her hair slick back in a ponytail sometimes. My favorite thing is that Calissa’s hair straightens within only one hour. Then it will revert right back in four weeks with no damage.

Anntionette: “We have more versatility with styling. Her curl will come back in just a few weeks. I have even recommended it for my niece…I’m telling everyone about it!”

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What important piece of advice would you give another mother whose child wants to temporarily straighten their hair?

Nichole: “Research, research, research. Figure out what works for her. Be diligent so your child will understand later.”


This post was sponsored by African Pride Dream Kids Texture Manageability System.

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